Nov 29, 2017

Rundle: violent, right-wing anti-Semites are on the march. So where’s the outrage?

Despite their growing presence on campuses and in cities across Australia, far-right anti-Semites are barely being acknowledged by certain Jewish groups.

Guy Rundle — Correspondent-at-large

Guy Rundle


The new released report on anti-Semitism in Australia by the Executive Council of Australian Jewry (ECAJ) makes for interesting reading. The ECAJ has focused on the rise of a new far-right group Antipodean Resistance, which is campaigning around universities and inner-city areas, with markedly increased activity.

Antipodean Resistance channels European anti-Semitism of the old skool: Jews as simultaneously untermenschen and running the world through everything from the White House to Greenpeace -- an ideology that many thought had been chased to the fringes of life in the West. But it has been roaring back since the crash of 2008, and the failure for any recovery to follow it.

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15 thoughts on “Rundle: violent, right-wing anti-Semites are on the march. So where’s the outrage?

  1. AR

    Et tu, grundle? Equating islam with race?

    1. Rais

      Yep, there’s always one. “Islam is not a race” so abusing Muslims is all right. Judaism isn’t a race either, Jewish people come in all colours and appearances. Who would identify Netanyahu as Jewish if he were an anonymous pedestrian in a Sydney street? Neither Islam nor Judaism is a race but both groups are “racialised” by bigots. The anti-Jewish bigots are often, not surprisingly, also anti-Muslim.

    2. Mike Smith

      Why not outright say ‘religion with race’, AR?

      1. rhwombat

        Race = political exclusion, & religion = political exclusion, thus religion = race.

    3. Cameron Bray

      So when those non-racist charmers in the pub referred to Sam Dastyari as a “monkey” exactly which point of Islamic theology were they critiquing?

      1. Mike Smith

        Saying that *would* be racist, IMO anyway. They’d likely call him that if he was a devout Iranian ‘xtian’

  2. MikeR

    I didn’t realize you are an avid reader of the Jewish News. I normally only read it like most of the readership, for the hatched matched and dispatched section. Normally I rely on the New York Times, BBC, ABC and the Melbourne Age for my news as the Jewish News is terribly parochial.

    Unfortunately the journalists and much of the readership of the Jewish News are confused by an overlap of the extreme rabid right and the extreme left, as there has been a noticeable tendency for the latter to borrow the mythology , memes etc. from the former. You know just substitute the appropriate words starting with J for Z etc. and it’s amazing what you can get away with.

  3. Will

    Not quite what I read, AR. The stated equation appeared to be Islamophobia with racism. I’d say that’s an entirely defensible proposition. Not only for the obvious reason that the ulterior motives of most Islamophobes are invariably racist. But more so because the historically quite recent idea of ‘race’ is itself a fabrication to exploit fear. Everyone everywhere exhibits evidence of genetic hodge-podgery, yet racial purity is exalted (when in fact common language is by far the more critical glue – so much so that when Arendt said the one thing she missed hearing German – I think even the angels might have wept). So yes, you’re right: Islam certainly isn’t a race. As far as the intent of the idea of ‘race’ is concerned, it’s better (which is it totally qualifies).

    1. AR

      Just so I know what approximates the current PC level, can one be islamophobic but not racist?

      1. Will

        Of course. You’d just need to have been born and raised in one of those plastic medical bubble things, with no human contact, media access, or pluralist education. In essence, you yourself would need to be an abstraction, because it’s only by totally unrealistic abstracting that you can arrive at a non-racialist conception of Islamophobia. Muslims are overwhelmingly dark-skinned people, and to suggest that irrational fear of them disregards their predominant skin colour because theoretically that’s possible, is manure.

        1. AR

          Or, alternatively, never moved beyond the bien pissant wanker world and believed that all kultur is equal, with free magic ponies and unicorn poop for all.

          1. Will

            It’s not post-modernist cultural relativism to say you mustn’t conflate the rational critique of a religion, its interpreters, and whatever their more insidious influences with the predominant skin colour of its believers. That’s just to disregard the actuality of klu klux klan-level racialist contempt. I accept (and actually sympathise with you, entirely) that you personally reserve the right to rate religions on humanist scales. What I don’t accept is that our moral certitude eliminates the need for tolerant, tempered, political coexistence.

  4. kyle Hargraves

    It occurs to me that Crikey (as an alternative publication) has to make up its mind regarding the quality of reporting or opinion expressed. Is the publication to be a latter day Reader’s Digest or is it to be a substantial and informative publication? If the latter, then for a beginning , the writers, in general, are going to have to make an effort to get their terminology into some sort of order.

    “Like the vast bulk of anti-Semitism/Jew-hatred, it is a product of the right. Christian nationalism requires a notion of purity and totality; Jews, original witnesses to Christianity’s non-Christian origins, and transnational people, shatter that myth. Other types of racism — especially Muslim-hatred — often recrudesce to Jew-hatred”
    I have selected the forgoing sentence because it seems (to me) representative of the entire article. Let’s begin.

    (1) anti-Semitism does not mean anti-jew. A Semite is a person from a geographical region that extends from Lebanon to across North Africa.
    (2) In the context of the article – what, specifically are “the right”?
    (3) There is no such thing as “Christian nationalism” Nationalism is a specific term of political ideology that possesses definite characteristics. A survey of history, contrary to the popular drivel that is articulated by the media very few wars have had their origins in religious matters.

    Indeed wars have been motivated, in the main, by political considerations and the surprising aspect, in the context to the article, is that the political divide has UNITED Protestants and Catholics (to confine the matter to European wars).

    As to Muslim-hatred or Jew-hatred one need only survey the comments on Crikey to ascertain just how disposed many contributors are to merely follow a (not in every case logical) point of view. Yet; an entire populus of a country can be wound up like a clock with the right orator holding a megaphone.

    The remark “This sort of nonsense — attacking a political party for the actions of someone who has no official role in it — may serve as part of a wider war of position “ is deserving of credit but, on the other hand, it ought to be unnecessary if the author is writing for an informed readership.

    Lastly, although not referred to in the article the person photographed is merely a result (or a reaction) of (inter alia) PC that has perverted general interaction and the anti-Hillary, Obama, (Bush, Sr & Jr) and indeed the W.J. Clinton brigade. Yes – there are nutters everywhere but as Marx put it – let’s not confuse the essence with the phenomenon.

    Post scriptum.
    (1) Islam is, by comparison, is thoroughly non-nationalistic (witness the extent of conversion from circa 700AD to the present) but the case is not quite so clear for Judaism.
    (2) That Germany attacked France twice in a century or thrice in a century and a bit (considering the last 30 odd years of the 19 century) is hardly evidence of Christian Nationalism. More could be said but only at the risk of moving off-topic.

  5. lykurgus

    Where’s the outrage???
    TWO YEARS AGO – that’s where it is! That’s when this pillow-biting little squirt of rat-spunk actually mattered. That’s when YOUR insipid bilge about “where’s the outrage” would’ve actually mattered.
    Not after the Grauniad spent a few days all over him last week. But how does it feel to become Crikeys Neil Mitchell?

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