Nov 29, 2017

LEAKED: transcript of Daily Mail editorial meeting on Prince Harry engagement

Including a very unusual -- though highly elucidating -- definition of "the public interest".

“Investigative humourist” Ben Pobjie has submitted what he pinky swears is a legitimate transcript of the editorial meeting in the Daily Mail‘s London newsroom the morning Prince Harry announced his engagement to Meghan Markle.


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7 thoughts on “LEAKED: transcript of Daily Mail editorial meeting on Prince Harry engagement

  1. Venise Alstergren

    While not wishing to criticise Ben Pobjie’s syntax I do, however, criticise Crikey’s choice of subject matter. Royalty, lower echelon royalty at that is shoved at us. Every time one of the very many royals gets married/engaged/hitched/whatever, the Nun’s chorus from the CWA springs into grovelling admiration of the lovely/dashing/intelligent/scandalous-she’s an American-and winsome young lady, I get a nasty case of deja vu.

    One of the reasons-apart from good taste-I avoid the MSM is the unadulterated garbage issued every time a royal stubs a toe, mounts a polo pony or shoots a pigeon. Please, I beg you Crikey let this be the last article printed on this risible subject.

    1. Chris Dengate

      I think this article is about the daily mail.

    2. [email protected]

      Venise, can you let us know if you’re doing a ‘find-replace journalist’s name’ for this comment on every story being printed about the royal engagement? Because I can’t be bothered searching for it, thanks. Also doesn’t sound like you even read the article, the whole point of which is the ridiculous nature of the blanket coverage of the royals. Personally thought it was quite funny but humour is ever-more subjective these days

  2. Marion Wilson

    Until I read Chris Dengate’s comment I wasn’t going to read Crikey’s “Daily Mail” thinking it was another blurb on distant royalty’s matrimonial adventures. I nearly missed a good laugh. Thanks Crikey.

  3. AR

    So far down the reign chain, she can’t even be her own princess, her title will be Princess Henry.
    Like our own unmissed Hapsburg-Australian, Princess Michael.
    Ah, but Princess Mary pf Merkin Isle, now she has a future.

    1. Peter Hamilton

      “pf”? Got the hair out from between your teeth?

      Sorry, the Royals always get a “gag” reaction from me… ARRRR

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