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Nov 28, 2017

Blimey! Will you Harry me?  … science fail … Triple J culture wars heat up …

The press has reacted with the restraint you'd expect to the news of Prince Harry's engagement, with front pages almost dedicated to the news.

Emily Watkins — Media reporter

Emily Watkins

Media reporter

Blimey! Will you Harry me? The English press has reacted with the restraint you'd expect to the news of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's engagement, announced from the UK overnight. Today's front pages are almost exclusively dedicated to the news, and the Daily Mail has gone all out with a 24-page special liftout, and its sister website Mail Online has coverage including (but far from limited to) Markle's beauty makeover, a full story about the actress's former co-star's tweet, and a body language expert's analysis of how he knows the couple truly is in love. Even The New York Times has gone in hard on the fashion implications of the announcement.

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8 thoughts on “Blimey! Will you Harry me?  … science fail … Triple J culture wars heat up …

  1. Wayne Robinson

    What really worried me about the Age’s article on the Small and Large Magellanic Clouds was the comment about the Small Magellanic Cloud: ‘But it soon will be gone. The Cloud is in the process of being devoured by two galaxies, and over the next several billion years will be fully incorporated into them.’

    Just another thing for me to worry about along with the Andromeda Galaxy colliding with the the Milky Way Galaxy in around two billion years and the Sun becoming a red giant consuming the Earth in around 5 billion years.

    1. AR

      … not to mention Transpermia from Andromeda – to afflict our vacant blond stock.

  2. mark hipgrave

    It was fun listening to Fifield this morning, claiming that the NBN is a huge success, and criticising the ABC for behaving like a commercial media outlet – ie listening to its base and responding accordingly. Gold and Silver, Mitch

  3. Simon

    That Daily Star headline…

  4. Simon

    The best day(s) for the Hottest 100 countdown would be New Years Eve or New Years Day.
    It’s not particularly a celebration of Australian music, but it is a celebration of the best songs (as voted by listeners) of the preceding year – why not end the year, or begin the new one, with that countdown? And it’s still in summer, and still on a public holiday – all bases covered.

    1. bref

      What I like most about this decision is that it is the younger generation that is forcing the issue. As Jeannette Francis said on Q&A this week, the millennials are coming and all the grey haired old fogies are gonna die. Looking at the current state of the nation, I hope they do a better job than the baby boomers…

      1. AR

        She put it well, fair but harsh.

  5. Ertunc

    Re: Moving Australia Day – Maybe we could have another postal survey? After all, we seem to have politicians that are pretty inept at seeing the bleedingly obvious case for moving it, just as they failed to register the equally obvious moral imperative to legislate SSM. Let’s spend another $122m showing our Parliament the way forward!

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