Nov 28, 2017

Getting your $110k worth: Woodside reveals lobbying bang for buck

The level of political access afforded to companies has been detailed by energy giant Woodside, as political parties seek to move corporate donations onto a more secure footing.

Bernard Keane — Politics editor

Bernard Keane

Politics editor

Energy giant Woodside has revealed the details of what corporations receive from political parties for subscribing to party fundraising ventures, in a rare peek inside the fastest growing form of political donation.

For a decade or more, both sides of politics have been working to move corporate donors away from outright donations to subscriptions or membership fees for what are described as "business fora", which entail larger annual donations for which donors receive access to a suite of events. Because such subscriptions are in exchange for a service from the party, they do not count as donations under Commonwealth electoral laws and do not have to be disclosed. It's also been rare for the specific services provided by parties to be itemised publicly. 

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6 thoughts on “Getting your $110k worth: Woodside reveals lobbying bang for buck

  1. AR

    How can donations ever be properly controlled?
    It would be like p(l)aying Whack-a-Mole and whatever was prohibited would still occur, just underhandedly.
    The only way to ensure some equity in electioneering is to monitor, not the income, but the SPENDING which is plain for all to see, that rather being the point.
    It is said that they best way to reduce some activity is to tax it, so we could have a GST of Graft.

  2. [email protected]

    This is why the Chinese CCP loves Australia. Our politicians are so cheap. They are so cheap to bribe, compared to a corrupt African politician who wants a few million, they will sell out for tens of thousands, the promise of a job post politics, or thirty pieces of silver.

    1. klewso

      “Rolex, Mr Macfarlane?”

  3. klewso

    “Tell me again Daddy. Why do we hate bloody poli-ticks …..?”

  4. Marcus Hicks

    Yet still the obsession of the Coalition remains The Unions & overly activist charities. The true cancer on our democracy, however, remains donations from the corporate sector.

    1. CML

      Agree Marcus…it seems to have escaped Bernard’s notice that Bill Shorten, and many of his shadow ministers, conduct town-hall meetings all over the country…dozens of them for the ‘ordinary folk’.
      Everyone can come along and express their view, ask questions and are not required to pay $110,000 for the opportunity.
      What’s wrong with that?????

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