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Nov 28, 2017

Don Burke’s puzzling right-wing political background

Don Burke is apparently, apart from anything else, a gardener who hates conservation, and is connected to right-wing groups who lobby for old-growth foresting.

Charlie Lewis — Journalist

Charlie Lewis


Aside from the serious allegations now engulfing Don Burke, it’s worth remembering the embattled former TV host has previously held some pretty dubious and contradictory views — not least of which when it came to the environment.


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5 thoughts on “Don Burke’s puzzling right-wing political background

  1. PeteH

    Burke is finished. History. Persona non grata. Not even Eddie Obeid would do business with him now.

  2. Bethany Challen

    WTF is “foresting”?! Honestly Crikey I expect better from you! And all that lauding of Tracy Grimshaw?? What the Hell?? What next? “We Meet the Real Ray Martin”….??!

  3. 2bobsworth

    Insulting and harrassing women is a clear signal about someones character flaws, but anyone who fits the IPA agenda has jumped the shark, there is no mercy for Burk.

  4. AR

    It is said that one can judge a society by the way the lowest, or animals, are treated.
    Would it be too much of a long bow to suggest a similar metric for someone so antithetical to plants?
    What was his first shtick – “The Lazy gardener”? Clearly not someone in love with chlorophyll.
    Just another step up, up up.

  5. The Cleaning Lady

    Is this article complete?