Nov 27, 2017

Rundle: here’s how we launch a ‘boycott Australia’ ad campaign to support Manus detainees

We are at the limits of what we can be achieved protesting at the Australian government. Now an international response must be sought from within Australia.

Guy Rundle — Correspondent-at-large

Guy Rundle


This would surely be easy enough: someone who is 1) disgusted with the situation on Manus Island, and 2) has deepish pockets, or 3) some organisation willing to start a crowdfunding campaign for it, could run the ad below or something like it, as a half-pager in The Guardian, The New York Times and other august publications.

The wording could change, the email addresses responses are directed to, etc. But the message would need to be kept short and sharp. Social media reinforcement would follow the initial ad.

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14 thoughts on “Rundle: here’s how we launch a ‘boycott Australia’ ad campaign to support Manus detainees

  1. zut alors

    Today I telephoned Peter Dutton’s office in Parliament House, Canberra, with the intention of leaving a comment supporting voluntary medical aid to travel to Manus to tend the refugees. I was told by an underling, Josh, that no comments are being taken, the only method of sending a message is via email or letter.

    Imagine how easy emails are to ignore…or, in the case of writing, how long the Minister may take to send a rote letter of acknowledgment. Weeks? Months? Never?

    So here we have it, Australia: government MPs such as Dutton are keen to kiss our babies, schmooze at shopping centres & generally make our skin crawl when rallying votes leading up to an election. But once ensconced in Canberra they don’t want to hear, see or know us. They are public servants, as are their staff – we are providing their bloated salaries/expenses/perks but, apparently, we can no longer leave a comment with an underling in the Department, we should simply naff off.

    Democracy in action? Or should that read democracy inaction.

    1. pinkocommierat

      Those emails generally end up in the responsible department where a low-ranking public servant crafts a response using pre-appeoved words. Putting it another way, if you’re saying Dutton is ignoring the public, you are probably right.
      It’s good he holds his seat by only about three per cent!

  2. paddy

    What an appalling state of affairs, where this is probably the only realistic option left.

  3. billie

    Australia’s largest group of inbound tourists are Chinese
    Translate that message into Chinese and distribute it via Weibo and the major daily papers and see what happens

    1. AR

      As if the Chinese would not think it pretty damned liberal compared to the conditions under which they live & thrive.

  4. Dog's Breakfast

    It’s not the worst idea Guy.

    Imagine that, being pressured by an apartheid-style campaign, by your own people. I had no idea as a young fellow in the 70’s that one day my own country would deserve the same treatment.

    How did we get here?

    1. Dog's Breakfast

      Don’t answer that ‘how did we get here question’, by the way!

      1. Zarathrusta

        Media concentration.

  5. Marilyn J Shepherd

    When the media stop blathering out lies about smugglers and stuff we might get someone but the typical laziness of our shitty MSM goes like this ” we have to stop the people smugglers”, media don’t ask a question they just publish the sentence as if it’s fact.

    Meanwhile the world has just watched almost 1 million Rohingya flee on boats in the last 3 months and not a single word about the people smugglers even though the Rohingya have done the same as all other refugees around the world, they paid for some form of transport which is totally fucking legal.

    1. Will

      Sorry, Marilyn, but what? You claim the MSM is playing loose with the facts, but you claim that almost 1M Rohingya have fled “on boats”? That’s BS. Almost all fled on foot. People (boat) smugglers didn’t enter into it. You can’t blatantly lie and win hearts.

  6. pjp

    What about approaching that great Aussie philanthropist Dick Smith to fund the campaign? Although not sure if he would want to give Crikey the time of day after the stitch up you guys did to him just a few months ago. And probably doesn’t fit Dick’s “Australia for the (white) Australians” ideology either.

    1. AR

      I’ve heard the Dick called many things but never white supremacist.

  7. AR

    Someone has had an OD of lattes.

  8. Kyran

    Where do I sign a “boycott Australian ads” campaign?

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