Nov 27, 2017

Turnbull rattled over One Nation’s pull on conservatives

Conservative divisions between mainstream moderates and the far right fringe were on display in Queensland and are set to make Malcolm Turnbull's life even worse.

Bernard Keane — Politics editor

Bernard Keane

Politics editor

If you want an indication of how bad the Queensland result was for the federal Coalition, consider Malcolm Turnbull’s behaviour yesterday. Having finally made a much-delayed appearance in Bennelong, Turnbull accused Kristina Keneally of wanting to personally bring asylum seekers into the electorate and that her comments on the subject were being used by people smugglers in Indonesia to encourage the boats to start up again. And when asked about the fact that Antony Green had called the election for Annastacia Palaszczuk, the Prime Minister had a crack at the ABC. “How do all the other media organisations feel?” he asked. “Should they stop counting the votes now that the ABC has called it for the Labor Party?”

Um, Sky News called a Labor win at 9.40 the previous night, PM.

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15 thoughts on “Turnbull rattled over One Nation’s pull on conservatives

  1. graybul

    If ever Labor has a moment in time to deliver a coup de grace it is now. The Prime Minister’s primary NBN legacy is now fully exposed. With Christmas imminent and voters with time on hand plus escalating frustration fully focussed upon NBN limitations; there will not be a better time. No matter what political affiliation, we all understand the NBN debacle. And who is responsible for the waste, the cost and the inevitable dismantling, redesign, replacement. Don’t go on holidays Labor . . . . governance must be delivered, not delayed!

  2. Salamander

    “That so many people continue to think this party of scapegoating and smears is a solution to anything…..”.
    It depends on what your problem is. In their case it may be that there is no solution in their sights.

    1. Zarathrusta

      There are solutions, the voters involved just don’t want to see it because to acknowledge it is to be forced to change their convenient world view.

  3. heavylambs

    Watching Turnbull playing a far-right wing nutter is pretty funny…like he’s endlessly trying to impress Dutton, or something. While I’m glad ‘populist bogan’ does not come naturally to him, he really ought to find out who he really is in his own time, somewhere away from politics.

  4. Dog's Breakfast

    IIRC – wasn’t the merger a result of the Liberals doing so poorly at one or two elections that they became the smaller party in the coalition, and did they then, very opportunistically, think this was a good time to put the boot into their good mates, the liberals, thinking it would be ever thus.

    The National Party is nothing if not opportunists, evoking the man from snowy river and the battler on the farms eking out a living to put food on your table, while at the same time screwing them over by supporting coal seam gas and over-extracting water from the Murray Darling, so their farmer cousins downstream have less.

    This is the essence of the National Party. In theory it is good, and we would be a better nation if the farmers (and environmentalists who have much in common) were well represented in parliament. In practice, this is a collection of carpet baggers, intent on privatising the profits and socialising the losses, and then getting a gig with a mining or agriculture lobby group after screwing their very own constituents.

    As for your theory Bernard, indeed, why would somebody vote for the Nationals when they could get the real deal with One Nation. At least One Nation believes their hypocrisy and cant.

    I’m just hoping it leads to a grand split, a la Labor, and the entire conservative movement being shut out from government for a similar period to Labor.

    1. brian crooks

      stand by for the pending implosion of both the national and liberal parties, the mad right is revolting (lets face it, its always been revolting) in both the nats and the libs, with hanson and bernadi throwing down the welcome mat to all and sundry that want to abandon ship. mal will call in the receivers to try and recover some of his $1-75 million loan so there`ll be a clearing sale at lib H.Q, may be a few cheap computors and printers, no shredders, they`ll be worn out shredding all the brown envelopes with chinese and Indian stamps on them.

    2. Zarathrusta

      Actually in Queensland, the Nationals (formally Country Party) have traditionally been the bigger party in the coalition.

  5. klewso

    Turnbull’s judgement is not only questionable – it’s coming.

    1. Bethany Challen

      Oooh good one Klewso. I’ll store this up for future use! 😉

  6. klewso

    The trouble with Hansonism is that anyone can see the washing machine’s on the fritz – the question is, “How to fix it?”.
    And who’d let a monkey do it?

    And when the Limited News Party was two parties they could both contest electorates and one or the other would soak up leaked Labor preferences (whose had nowhere to go but to the conservatives – minors usually the first eliminated) – Beattie’s “Just vote 1” staunched that haemorrhaging of preferences; why they were sewn together.
    Now Palaszczuk (in her “infinite wisdom”?) has changed that – and “Chang” and “Eng” are sick of sharing a suit?

  7. brian crooks

    turnbull`s girly boy tempriment, to borrow one of his associates pet phrases, is undoing him, at the slightest set back he throws a tanty, god help him on election night, unless of course he cancels the election, after all, he`s got form on cancelling what he can`t win.

    1. PeteH

      Thank Christ for the Constitution, then. He can’t avoid an election forever.

  8. AR

    Talcum’s outburst today re PHONies handing office to Labor was surpassed in poisonous invective was Brandarse in the Senate Q/T describing those sitting on the cross bench as poisonous.
    Way to build alliances, Georgie-porgy

  9. bushby jane

    I thought that Tasmania would have counted as the state where the lnp was most in trouble with seat in parliament.
    Interesting comment re the depth of socio economic disillusion in the electorate, why is it so surprising? Most people are raised to be either lnp or labor voters, which is why the results never vary more than say 55-45 at elections. Most people don’t think that hard about it unless something upsets them a lot, then they believe dills like Hanson because it suits them at the time.

    1. Zarathrusta

      Well this Abbott / Turnbull Government, started by destroying the Australian car industry within 3 months of taking office. Not just the car manufacturers but all the support companies, they destroyed a whole industry sector and then they are surprised that those people who lost their jobs and their life plans don’t forgive them???

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