Nov 24, 2017

Crikey Quiz: can you tell the difference between Shane Warne and Donald Trump?

Can you tell the difference between one tanned, hair obsessed social media user and another?

Charlie Lewis — Journalist

Charlie Lewis


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8 thoughts on “Crikey Quiz: can you tell the difference between Shane Warne and Donald Trump?

  1. Figaro

    The fact that words “fake news” was’t used in any of the comments helps.

  2. mikeb

    MWGA! Make Warnie Great Again.

    At least Warnie would buy you a beer at the bar. Trump would let you shout him and then drink your beer and disappear while you were having a whiz.

  3. Wallywonga

    Far too generous to SW; he was very good at one aspect of cricket, spinning, but otherwise was lazy, poor motivation to train, would spit the dummy if anyone tried to discipline him. And all those characteristics would also apply to DT.
    Both incredibly over publicised individuals, who only want to contribute negatively and selfishly to human discourse. Their shared penchant for fake tan surely have been an unsubtle clue for us all.

    1. mikeb

      “he was very good at one aspect of cricket, spinning”

      Yeah??? That’s probably why he was picked as spinner.

      1. Wallywonga

        Not an arm chair expert, but I believe cricket is supposed to be a team sport? Discipline, commitment, cooperation – essentials for a good team player, also for a tolerable president!

  4. Ann Moir

    Warnie’s much better than Drumf at putting a sentence together so it wasn’t too hard to guess the right answer on that basis.

  5. PaulM

    Shane Warne has probably heard of a range of sports, and maybe even played some. I’ll bet Trump has never heard of cricket.

  6. Lee Tinson

    Warnie has more words than trump.

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