Nov 24, 2017

Rudd’s economic legacy, 10 years on

A decade ago, Kevin Rudd's Labor government pulled off a marvel that made Australia one of the most impressive economies in history.

Alan Austin — Freelance journalist

Alan Austin

Freelance journalist

Kevin Rudd

Ten years ago, an epoch began which set Australia apart from the rest of the world in two remarkable respects. Neither is widely understood, even today.

The first was the extraordinary transformation of Australia’s steadily deteriorating economy. This deterioration had been masked by vast cash inflows from mining investment and the unwarranted sale of public assets and concealed by a cravenly uncritical media.

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19 thoughts on “Rudd’s economic legacy, 10 years on

  1. John Newton

    Bring on that News Corpse enquiry.

    1. Longfulan

      A mistake Rudd made was that he wanted to ‘reach across the isle’, even gave jobs to his opponents and many of them betrayed him. This time let there be a night of the long knives, sack all Liberal appointees, especially to the ABC. Bung on a number of royal commissions apart from one into banking, have one into the influence of foreign lobbyists, News Corp, tax evasion….and the list goes on…take no prisoners. Be ruthless.

  2. brian crooks

    labor leads where the conservatives refuse to follow, labor shows what the conservatives refuse to see, labor tells what the conserervatives refuse to hear, labor gives and the conservatives always take away.

  3. Daly

    And the myth of LNP economic management continues without any counter argument. Thank you for this, Alan.

  4. zut alors

    A most informative piece, thanks.

    It would have been even better if there had been two lists of figures ie: the 2013 profile & the 2017 for easy comparison.It would give me great pleasure to print such a list to distribute among several Coalition devotees of my acquaintance. They are still bleating about Labor’s huge debt.

    In fact Julie Bishop mentioned it in an interview approx a week ago…the Coalition cannot let go of Abbott’s ‘budget emergency’ fantasy concept. It’s their version of a comfort blanket.

  5. graybul

    Damn Alan, I really look forward to reading your irrefutable spreadsheet of facts. I will never forget Rudd’s leadership when the rest of the world was literally choking for air as their economies collapsed around their ears.

    Those that continually blab their false mantra “best financial/budgetary management” bullshit which would have absolutely no impact if not for a certain media mogul and the craven silence or oh so balanced tut tut opinion writers’ failure to challenge what is nothing less than coordinated deceit. So once again Alan . . . thank you.

  6. mikeb

    Someone pass this article on to that fool Terry McCrann.

    Also mention that the deficit has doubled since bumblers Abbott and Hockey took over the economy. Oddly enough you don’t read that it’s a disaster anymore in the Murdoch rags like it was in the Labor Govt days.

  7. [email protected]

    The general Australian public have always been easily misled by the mainstream media. Thing is they will never realize or admit to it.

  8. CML

    Thank you Alan…I so look forward to your fact-filled articles.
    Just shows what a ‘disaster’ Kevin Rudd was as PM.
    They wish!!!!!

  9. CML

    Thank you Alan…I so look forward to your fact-filled articles.
    Just shows you what a ‘disaster’ Kevin Rudd was as PM.
    They wish!!

  10. CML

    Sorry for the double up…my comment did not appear on the first try.

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