Test cricket started yesterday, summer is here. The broadcast, bad light, rain delays all combined to make it all a bit confusing for viewers. The final session audience (it finished at 7.16pm) was around 1.2 million (Nine was working out final figures -- manually -- at the time of publication). But over on Seven The Good Doctor again blitzed the night with more than 1.65 million national viewers and well over a million in the five metro markets. Gogglebox Australia ended its second season of the year with 788,000 nationally last night and 875,000 season average.  The Test running past 7pm boosted Seven News noticeably, especially in the metros where the audiences were up by 100,000 to 150,000 or so on previous Thursdays.

In the regions The Good Doctor topped the night with 582,000 viewers, followed by Seven News with 462,000, Seven News/TT was third with 434,000 and Home and Away was fourth with 432,000 followed by Nine News (the Test cricket averaged around 345,000 in an early estimate, but it will be more).