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Nov 22, 2017

Smooth operators: Crikey’s top five all-Aussie political anthems

Our favourite (not necessarily in a good way) political party songs.

Charlie Lewis — Journalist

Charlie Lewis


It’s a dizzying time for Australian elections with campaigning going on in Queensland and the federal seats of Bennelong and New England. There are many things to find dispiriting about modern politics, and we humbly submit the lack of good election jingle is chief among those. As such, we thought it might be time to chart the finest moments in party political pop, in the hope at least one candidate will take up the challenge and revitalise this glorious tradition.


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6 thoughts on “Smooth operators: Crikey’s top five all-Aussie political anthems

  1. paddy

    You are one sick, evil bastard Charlie L
    It will take WEEKS and several dozen cases of wine to rid my ears of all that horror.

    1. Charlie Lewis

      Perhaps the process of writing this article broke something in me, but I actually genuinely like a couple of these now…

      1. Greensmith Glynn

        “Henry Henry let’s all vote for Henry”
        In my head.

  2. Luke Oliver

    How could you forget this iconic ditty from Craig Emerson?

    1. Charlie Lewis

      Look, perhaps I was being too puritanical, but I decided it lacked the originality to make the top 5…

  3. AR

    Not so much ear worms as brain scorpions.