Nov 20, 2017

The Daily Tele’s grumpy old man shtick is kind of working

The Daily Telegraph's "analogue meme" Al Bundy reaction to the postal survey speaks as much about News Corp's ailing health as it does about the company's stance on marriage equality.

The now notorious Daily Telegraph front page response to the same sex marriage vote last week tells us everything we need to know about News Corp’s strategy in managing down the paper’s structural decline – and how it will end.

The admission by Rupert Murdoch at the company’s annual general meeting in the United States later that same day that all bar the company’s national papers are struggling gives us an idea of how successful their strategy is. (Hint: it isn’t.)

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8 thoughts on “The Daily Tele’s grumpy old man shtick is kind of working

  1. brian crooks

    any business that only caters for one percent of the public is doomed to die, RI.P the un australian and the daily smellagraphand hopefully ruthless rupert mudrake

  2. Aethelstan

    The Daily Telegraph is a rabid conservative propaganda sheet … nothing much more …

  3. David Hardy

    Crikey wrote :
    “The Tele’s target demographic can be summed up as: old, white, men. The psychographic? Grumpy! ”

    Strange that immediately brings to mind Grumpy old Dinosaurs from a past era still fighting long lost wars – like John Howard, Kevin Andrews, Eric Abetz and Co .

    David Hardy, Geelong

  4. klewso

    Pffft! All in the Family – Rupert’s.

  5. MAC TEZ

    As I’ve mentioned here before,this is so very far from the Smell-o-graph’s worst efforts.

  6. AR

    Serially married with dead eyed children, slavering to nail down his coffin lid.

  7. Arky

    I’ve always thought Fairfax circulation slides faster not only because of the cover price but because they don’t know their audience. Fairfax bosses have insisted on chasing News Corp’s audience, and turned off the centrist and left-wing readers who have traditionally read The Age and the SMH because they can’t stand the News propaganda rags.

    I know plenty of people who cut the cord on Fairfax subscriptions during the days of Michelle Grattan’s venomous anti-Gillard vendetta and the selling of Tony Abbott as a new man and worthy PM material, and still more who have given up in the years since. They mostly rely on the Guardian, on Crikey, on the ABC and social media now.

  8. brian crooks

    news crap is like a patient on life support threatening to hit the nurse with his walking frame that he can`t quite reach, R.I.P news crap, now on life support, will probably die before rupert.

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