New South Wales

Nov 20, 2017

An afternoon with the ACL lobbing fire and brimstone at ‘anonymous masturbators’

Margot Saville went to an Australian Christian Lobby conference on the weekend, where topics included G-rated outdoor advertising and Hugh Hefner.

Margot Saville — <em>Crikey</em> Sydney reporter

Margot Saville

Crikey Sydney reporter

What do old, white, sex-obsessed people do three days after they’ve lost a national vote about tolerance and fairness? If you’re the Australian Christian Lobby, you hold a conference and talk about masturbation.

Embolden17, held in Sydney on Saturday, was the launchpad for the ACL’s new initiative, the Centre for Human Dignity, which appears to be anti-porn, anti-abortion and anti-euthanasia. About 400 people turned up to hear Wendy Francis, the Queensland state director of the ACL, who has equated same-sex marriage to “legalising child abuse”, do the launch. She said that due to pornography, our society was “marionating (sic) in the vile soup of degradation”.

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48 thoughts on “An afternoon with the ACL lobbing fire and brimstone at ‘anonymous masturbators’

  1. Bethany Challen

    Thanks for taking this hit Margot so the rest of us didn’t have to and could instead continue “marionating (sic) in the vile soup of degradation” or perhaps just mowing our lawns and having a nice BBQ with friends! 😉

    1. Margot Saville

      so glad you enjoyed your Lyle-free Saturday!

  2. paddy

    Dear Margot, *brave* Margot, we humble Crikey readers can only salute your courage for “marionating in the vile soup of degradation” on our behalf.
    It sounds like an amazing event. (from a safe distance).
    I suspect I’d have found myself, running away & screaming in terror after 5 mins of that lot.

  3. Dog's Breakfast

    Hilarious and sad.

    Imagine being given sacred life, and then spending it chasing after masturbators and the same sex married, and then being given divine grace just as you are about to kick the bucket, and realising that you have completely wasted your life. What is your last thought?

    Oh Brave New World, that hath such people in it!

    1. Margot Saville

      Thanks for your comment

  4. old greybearded one

    Actually I think there should be a bit of clean up on public advertising. I am quite over scantily clad people selling stuff that I do not want or need. I do not like the exposure of this crap to young children. At this point the ACL part never to meet again. These liars. They can be as anti gay as they want, but stop lying. It is obvious some people just are and the signs are there quite young. But Margot, if you spend your time in the company of wankers, then expect a poor return.

    1. Margot Saville

      Thanks for commenting

  5. mikeb

    “, the ACL bears as much relationship to Christians as the Irish Republican Army did to Catholics.”

    Yes indeed. This needs to be pointed out a bit more in these discussions. Just as not all Muslims are anti SSM so also are not all Christians.

    1. MAC TEZ

      ” This needs to be pointed out a bit more in these discussions.”
      No it doesn’t,at least not while you’re here to continually plead “but not all people of faith are… blah,blah blah”.
      If you’re comfortable and confident in your belief, just pray whatever irks you away.

      1. leon knight

        Great advice Mac….the more time these ACL-types spend indoors praying to their imaginary friend in the sky for relief from the awful realities of life, the happier the rest of us will be.

  6. brian crooks

    did`nt these fools mothers warn them about masterbation, they`ll go blind, they`re already one eyed and blinkered.

  7. Duncan Gilbey

    The ACL is like the IRA in the sense that they won’t be going away anytime soon and they play a long game.

    1. zut alors

      However, the species is endangered & will dwindle. ‘Marionating’ sounds like something from the lips of Pauline Hanson despite being a couple syllables longer than her normal lexicon.

      I’m keen to know what those naughty Dunlop Volleys were up to & if they have seen the error of their lascivious ways.

      1. AR

        I also wonder about the Volleys – what were they doing, were their laces too loose?

        1. zut alors

          Or possibly guilty of the opposite ie: foot fetish bondage, firmly tied up in knots.

  8. Graeski

    If Christianity was really the religion of peace that it claims to be, then the leaders of all the supposedly-moderate Christian sects would be loudly denouncing the activities of these fundamentalist extremists. As it is, their silence can only be taken as assent.

    1. mikeb

      “fundamentalist extremists”?? I don’t agree with them but they aren’t cutting heads off the opposition. If you want to criticize then throw facts and not hyperbole.

      1. MAC TEZ

        Ahh, but facts and faith don’t really fit together whereas hymns and hyperbole…well that’s a match !

      2. Draco Houston

        Seemed like a joke to me.

      3. Barry Reynolds

        I went out with a (as I found out) fundamentalist Baptist at one time. As well as the sincere belief she held that she could fall pregnant to some bloke at the other end of a swimming pool they make Catholics look normal. (before anyone jumps down my throat about the last comment, I’m Catholic tho’ strictly non practicing)

      4. Zarathrusta

        How are they not fundamentalist? How are they not extreme when they bear false witness against their neighbours and claim that they will harm children?

  9. Woopwoop

    Can we leave off this constant tagging of people as “white”? Specially as you admit there were several Asian faces there.

    1. JQ

      Keep playing the race card, Margot. Only benevolent outcomes will come of it.

  10. Catherine

    Well done Margot. Thank you for the update. At least I can cross “marionating (sic) in the vile soup of degradation” of my Bucket List now I know what its like!

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