Malcolm Turnbull was forced to inflict an ugly process on Australia on marriage equality, one he himself succinctly demolished before his elevation to the prime ministership, one that has enabled homophobes to inflict yet more pain on LGBTI Australians, one that has seen Australia at its worst. But it's delivered the win that Turnbull desperately needed. One that will allow him to remove the discrimination in Australia's marriage law that targets LGBTI people.

The legislative process for doing so has begun already. Yesterday, Liberal senator Dean Smith gave notice of a marriage equality bill to be introduced in the Senate this afternoon and, if agreed, debated tomorrow. It is backed by Labor, the Greens, NXT, two other Liberals and Derryn Hinch. The draft bill from the Institute of Public Affairs' James Paterson, which has been savaged across the political spectrum, hasn't even been the subject of a notice motion, and can't even be introduced this week.