Gossip columnist Liz Smith dies. Legendary gossip columnist Liz Smith has died, aged 94. Smith wrote about New York celebrities for more than 30 years, writing regular columns in various tabloids until 2009. She was friends with Donald Trump and his first wife Ivana. Her style was gentler than columnists who focussed on the private lives of celebrities, as per The New York Times' obituary:

"If her columns lacked edge, they provided something more: the insider's view. Many of those she wrote about became her friends, people she genuinely liked and who liked her. She lunched with them, partied with them, vacationed with them and shared their successes and travails. And they trusted her, knowing she would not trash them in print. But journalism's watchdogs accused her, with some justification, of conflicts of interest, of lacking objectivity and distance from those she wrote about."