Nov 14, 2017

Razer: it might be ‘unbiased’, but the ABC is not free of racist rot

The thugs who abused Sam Dastyari might be working class, but racism is maintained as it was started: by elites, for their own benefit.

Helen Razer — Writer and broadcaster

Helen Razer

Writer and broadcaster

Last week, Sam Dastyari had a rotten night down the pub. Many pundits seized upon the recorded moment, determined to spread rot. There are to be no prizes for predicting who’d bring the rottenest take. Matter decomposes fastest in the mind of Andrew Bolt.

Let me translate: the true thugs are not those who taunt a bloke, but those who protest Manus.

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13 thoughts on “Razer: it might be ‘unbiased’, but the ABC is not free of racist rot

  1. Paul

    I am going to extend this critique to Fairfax, The Guardian and many Green and socially mobile Labor supporters.

    1. Helen Razer

      I am afraid I find no temptation to argue with you, P

  2. lykurgus

    The ABC is “balanced” in the way that “Flat-Earth-vs-Globular-Earth” is balanced. Because that’s what “balance” means (and always meant) in journalism. I can do it too – watch this…
    1/3 of Pauline Hansons voters earn less than 50k/yr
    1/3 of Pauline Hansons voters earn between 50k and 100k/yr
    1/3 of Pauline Hansons voters earn more than 100k/yr
    Except that unlike Earth shapes, all three of those are true (btw also true of Trump fans)

  3. mikeb

    The ABC is so frightened of being seen as unbalanced it trips over it’s own feet. I guess it helps the debate if the views of racists are aired, but only if it serves to convince the rest of the population that racists are stupid and best ignored.

  4. AR

    For the various ABC interviewers/presenters not to be banjaxed by demands for balance it would help if they knew their collective arses from a hile in the ground.
    But that would require individuals very different from the glib, vapid & vacuous types who currently pretend to by journalists.
    Favourite would be being NOT innumerate, having some concept of the brad span of history before the Net and having, for even brief moments, confronted the majesty of Nature.
    One thing learnt on a wave is that it is not possible to bullshit the ocean.

    1. mikeb

      “One thing learnt on a wave is that it is not possible to bullshit the ocean”. Not sure if you borrowed that saying but can I use it?

      1. AR

        Go ahead, it was a truism we learned in the 60s when sticks were 9ft long and little heeded our efforts at control.
        No one can defy the ocean, only learn to go with it.

        1. Dog's Breakfast

          Surfing is the great redeemer AR! Keeps your ego in check when nothing else does.

  5. Charlie Chaplin

    No, it’s not balanced, but it is expedient and oh so successful.
    Most Australians would rather swallow razor blades than consider themselves a member of the white underclass. We are all middle class now.

    The class blind spot reminds me of my mother’s memories of psych nursing at Watt Street Hospital, Newcastle, a million years ago. She reckons all the patients used to point at each other and say “I’m not crazy. He’s crazy, and she’s crazy, but I’m not crazy.” I put it down to concussion: all those heads banged on unseen trees in the forest.

    1. Helen Razer

      Not a bad analogy, C.
      As sidebar: I am not claiming to be somehow immune from the racism so prevalent in our nation. But, jeez. The moment I described between the prominent broadcaster and the academic (whose biography had been available to the broadcaster, and with him they were to appear) is just so far away from even awareness of the madness of racism. To mention “one of your dignified people” is just such brutal condescension. How can “learned” people not know that there is disagreement between Grant’s hope of moderate reform and much of the rest of our Aboriginal intellectuals?

  6. James Richards

    The ABC hasn’t moved to the Left, the Centre has moved to the Right.

  7. Dog's Breakfast

    Surfing is the great redeemer AR! Keeps your ego in check when nothing else does.

  8. Dog's Breakfast

    “The ABC now seems to run like a private school debate club.”

    It so does! Has all the depth and nuance of those classes as well. They’ve largely lost me in terms of news gathering and analysis. Either dumb as doormats, or just lacking sufficient courage to do their job, which should be to ask hard questions to those in power.

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