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Nov 14, 2017

Poll Bludger: One Nation slows as the Battler Bus loses a tyre

One Nation's northern ride may be grinding to a halt as succession problems the ghost of the the preference deal continue to get in the way.

William Bowe — Editor of The Poll Bludger

William Bowe

Editor of The Poll Bludger

One Nation’s Senate succession debacle yesterday brought a sudden end to a dream run for the party through the first half of its Queensland election campaign.


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13 thoughts on “Poll Bludger: One Nation slows as the Battler Bus loses a tyre

  1. Limited Through Mixed

    Oh the irony.
    Pauline Hanson’s bus rather than being Australian made (yes there are still a few manufacturers left) is a cheap Asian import.

  2. old greybearded one

    Have this collection of deadbeats apologised for the “Safe Schools” slur yet? They said year 4 girls were being taught “sex tricks”. Any teacher doing so would be dismissed, but as far as I know it was uncorrected. Hanson declined to do so.

    1. zut alors

      One Nation MP Steve Dickson said this today:
      “I apologise if the specific words I used offended anyone, but I make no apology for One Nation’s policy to remove the controversial Safe Schools program from Queensland classrooms.”

      It doesn’t read as a retraction, he merely apologised for the specific wording. They have no shame.

  3. zut alors

    A section of voters who despise the two major parties (LNP, Labor) can no longer look to Hanson as a protest vote since she cut the deal with Nicholls. Perhaps independents will be the beneficiaries of this but it’s impossible to predict what impact their preferences may have.

    Hanson, aided & abetted by Ashby, is bound to self-implode at some point, it’s her proven modus operandi.

    1. AR

      Big assumption that those contemplating PHON in their flight from the vapidity of Lib/Lab are capable of such rational thought weighing the prospects.

      1. Charlie Chaplin

        That’s right, AR. Things are so bad for so many in regional Queensland, people are desperate for a little hope. Desperate people are taken in by what is said and too desperate to take in what is done.

        That’s why that other great showman, Katter, has been so successful for so long and also why he’s hitching his wagon to PHON. I’ll bet his home team, the Nationals, are crying in their beer because they can’t do it, too.

        1. SQuinny1

          And yet, 85% of the time she votes with those who concocted charges to gaol her with. You’d have to be very, very desperate to not notice that she’s a spineless charlatan. And I just don’t think things are anything like that bad in rural and regional Queensland. It’s wilful..

        2. colin skene

          For those of us who read this from the relative sanctuary of south-west Sydney, can you explain exactly what is “so bad” for “so many” in regional QLD?

      2. Rais

        In WA where there was a Liberal-One Notion deal many of those who told the pollsters they were thinking of voting for One Notion did some more thinking and voted elsewhere – Labor, Greens or Nats. But not Liberal.

  4. Peter Wileman

    Once the born again NLP leader Abbott has dubbed her Countess of Queensland you’ll all be sorry for taking the mickey

  5. Srs21

    She can’t hate Labor that much cos she followed Bill’s red bus by getting one for herself. Stupid liberal cow.

  6. Charlie Chaplin

    Don’t, regional Queensland. Please. Just don’t. I get your pain. I get your frustration. I’ve lived in regional FNQ for a very long time and I know how bad things are. But please, look at how PHON votes. She’s not on your side. She’s not the Messiah. She’s a farking hypocritical hyena. She’ll tear the state apart and laugh while she does it.

    1. Dog's Breakfast

      These were exactly my thoughts Charlie. Look at how she has voted in the Senate. I’m pretty sure she stood up for the banks on possible commissions of inquiry, for the big corporates on virtually any piece of legislation, for big business and big mining.

      If I were able to confront her I’d ask about her voting record, and how out of step it is with her public utterings. A good journalist might like to take that idea up, actually looking at how she has voted, pointing out the most egregious hypocrisies.

      She is a lazy, unproductive, entitled fool. So parliament is probably the best place for her. I wish it were not so, but she has plenty of company there.

      Is all this politicking in Qld being paid for by PHON, or is she putting her hand out for parliamentary travel entitlements?