Australians have their traditions when it comes to voting in an election and watching the results roll in on the Saturday night -- from munching on democracy sausages, to watching how long it takes for the ABC's Antony Green to call a winner after polls close. But we've never had to participate in a postal survey on an issue of policy, so activists have found other ways to mark the occasion.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics will announce the results of the marriage equality postal survey at 10am on Wednesday, at a press conference at the Australian Bureau of Statistics in Belconnen, Canberra, to be broadcast live by TV networks. They will be read by Australian Statistician David Kalisch, who has promised that he won't be taking too long to make the outcome known. So how will activists on both sides of the debate celebrate or commiserate when the results come in? The Yes campaign has planned parties all over the country, some to take place during the day, and many others to start as workers leave their desks at 5pm.