Nov 9, 2017

Ramifications of marriage survey campaigns will outlive this government

Yes or no, players on both sides of the marriage equality debate will have legacies reaching far beyond parliament's ultimate decision.

Max Chalmers

Freelance journalist

As the Australian Bureau of Statistics closed its doors on Tuesday evening, campaigners on both sides of the national marriage survey took a moment to congratulate their allies before bracing once more.

Assuming a yes vote is returned on Wednesday next week, the public campaign will shift to a behind-closed-doors lobbying effort as each side attempts to shape the resulting legislation.

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16 thoughts on “Ramifications of marriage survey campaigns will outlive this government

  1. brian crooks

    just another nail in the conservative christian coffin, no wonder the pews are empty at the churches, a few dried up old last century conservative bigots are slowly but surely nailing down the lid, all it needs now is someone to drive a stake thru their shrivelled hearts and shut the crypt doors.

    1. tonysee

      Wishful thinking Brian. Conservatives, Christian or otherwise, only pay lip service to numbers. They will be a thorn in the progressive side for some time yet.
      On the broader picture, I think Labor with benefit most from this process esp if Turnbull vacillates on the resulting legislation. Labor can quite rightly point to supporting a ‘unity ticket (the proposed bill from Dean Smith) and can sit back and watch the Coalition members scratching each others eyes out … again.

    2. Aethelstan

      Agree Brian … people like Tony Abbott and Eric Abetz would qualify as conservative bigots today … but would have been somewhat at home in the 1950s …

    3. Zarathrusta

      Yes, but their bigotry comes with tax deductability. That has to end now.

  2. James Richards

    Or it could be simply that; The world has moved on and Nobody Cares what anyone else does as long as it doesn’t hurt others or affect us personally!

  3. Itsarort

    Yep, thanks to these crankers, Marriage Celebrants and others marrying LGBTI peoples may actually find that they need security guards. Dickheads!

  4. Draco Houston

    “Does the warm and fuzzy stuff from Lyle — he called the No campaign a “bonding experience” — actually mean a more effective lobby?”

    Considering they handed their enemies a win when their allies in parliament insisted on a public vote, I’m going to guess ‘no’.

  5. Richard Thompson

    What stands out to me is how un-Christian the Conservative’s behaviour appears. I would have thought that the golden rule would be followed (‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you’) to demonstrate how Christian they are. What they have clearly demonstrated is that they are a bunch of power hungry control freaks who are quite happy to tear the whole place down to achieve their ends at any price.

    1. Desmond Graham

      ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you’ – cuts both ways .

    2. AR

      Nothing new there – aka the Samson Option.
      Like “Moloch who, rather than not be Supreme, would rather not be”

    3. Zarathrusta

      It seems so called Christians have no problem with lying, cheating and viscously slandering.

  6. MJM

    “… so much as a deepening of sentiment among previous backers.”

    And, in my case, a deepening of resentment towards a government that manifestly failed to do its job which cost us $122m for their indecision.

    1. Desmond Graham

      Agree – absolute waste of money – unfortunately it proves the point of the Paradise papers- the wise legally protect the maximum value of their money from government stupidity.

      1. AR

        … except that it also protects their money from government stupidity spending on things like roads, clean water and health services.

        1. Desmond Graham

          when was the last time the government spent money on roads, health services not stupidly?

          1. Matt Hardin

            Last public service payday?

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