Nine claimed victory in the demos -- but it was neck and neck with Seven. Ten was back to fourth and the ABC was third as its end of year rebound continues. Nothing stood out though. Seven’s second episode of Instant Hotel struggled -- 994,000 nationally last night against 1.12 million for Tuesday night’s debut. A big fall. Ten’s Sisters has faded into history -- just 337,000 nationally, which is a pity because the first episode promised a lot. Seven’s Secret Daughter returned with 919,000 --  the metro figure of 512,000 was pretty weak. Nine’s Family Food Fight - 691,000 nationally. It won’t be back in 2018. Nine has the kiss of death when it comes to food based programs.

In regional markets another Seven fest with the news on top with 550,000 viewers, then Seven News/Today Tonight with 457,000, followed by Home and Away with 427,000, then Instant Hotel with 411,000 and fifth was The Secret Daughter with 406,000. Tonight -- watch The Good Doctor on Seven and Gogglebox (record one, watch the other). -- Read the rest on the Crikey website