On the Disability Support Pension

Marcus L'Estrange writes:  Re. "Disability support plummets as government turns up heat on the vulnerable" (Tuesday) 

One flaw with Jeremy's analysis: he didn't explain how, why, the horrible situation described in his story came about. In 2013, the ALP heavies (Gillard, Macklin, Shorten, Carr, Albo, Swann, Plibersek, plus others) supported, in Cabinet and in Caucus, a non-increase of the value of the dole — which hasn’t changed for 25 years and is one of the lowest in the developed world (how many MPs would wait 25 years for a pay increase?). The massive tightening up of the Disability Support Pension requirements and actually Bill Shorten moved the legislation in parliament necessary to off load sole parents from their pension onto the dole when their child turned eight. Some sole parents, mainly women, then had to couch surf, sleep in their cars, work in massage parlors and some committed suicide, according to Centrelink. On this, the then and current ALP, plus the Coalition, have their blood on their hands with suicides still occurring. At the same time, 2013, of course, the then ALP leadership class supported a 35% pay increase for MPs.