Nov 8, 2017

Why suits will carry on American complicity in Russian misinformation

As US lawmakers and tech companies shout about an Honest Ads Act to prevent election meddling, they ignore how much Russia relies on traditional US press to spread disinformation all on their own.

Vladimir Putin

The release of the JFK files showed that the Russians were fans. Khrushchev told Kennedy to his face in Vienna, “You know, Mr Kennedy, we voted for you.” Robert Kennedy Jnr met with Russian representatives regularly and developed a terse but effective relationship.

Anyone was better than Nixon, according to Khrushchev.

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10 thoughts on “Why suits will carry on American complicity in Russian misinformation

  1. Rais

    Russian disinformation is negligible compared with with the flood of propaganda sponsored by vested interests within the country. And the most destructive hacking of US voting is the widespread voter suppression by state administrations combined with gerrymandering of congressional districts. Then again, sceptics might ask whether it matters when the average US voter is faced with a choice between two candidates with only a hair’s breadth of policy difference between them, both bought and paid for by the same big corporate interests.

  2. James O'Neill

    This is unbelievable BS. Does the writer seriously believe that the trivial sums known to have been spent actually influenced the outcome, especially when put alongside the matters that Rais mentions, as well as the billions spent by the Democratic Party. Is she unaware of the revelations in Donna Brasile’s book, and other information about how incredibly corrupt Clinton is including her own links to Russia through the so-called Uraniumgate. THis article reeks of yet another feeble bit of Russia bashing. US interference in other’s elections is a vastly bigger story, including violent overthrowing of governments, than penny ante sums spent on social media by alleged Russian disinformation agents.

  3. BetsyDixon

    Your first para states that ‘Robert Kennedy Jr met with Russian representatives…’ do you mean the late Senator Robert F Kennedy, brother of the president, or his son? If the latter, that would be quite interesting and worthy of further explanation.

  4. maxcelcat

    Well said!
    I’ve also read some very strange and odd things about Russian investment in Silicon Valley. It’s like they’re profiting at every level from the process….

  5. Charlie Chaplin

    ” In essence, as Russia hacked the DNC servers…”
    Evidence please. Actual proof. Not something that says ” we are confident” or “in our opinion” or “consensus of opinion”.

    Disappointing, Crikey. If I wanted RussiaDidIt, I’d read The Guardian or Murdoch.

    I know I’m playing whataboutery, but perhaps a follow up series of articles on elections the US has interfered in might be a way to make amends? It would be a VERY long series.

    Clinton didn’t get elected because she represented business as usual. The only thing she really promoted about herself as different was her gender: all that BS about a women President making history and smashing the glass ceiling. Working class Americans have had enough of business of usual, they need a totally different ceiling smashed, so they stayed home on election day by the millions.

    1. Charlie Chaplin

      ( I should never type without glasses on my face. So many typos 🙁 )

  6. [email protected]

    > Google took tens of thousands of dollars from Russian groups running ads
    Google ad revenue >$70B.

  7. Iskandar

    Foreign affairs has always been Crikey’s weak point and this is a case in point. I have never heard of Ms Gray but her piece seems straight out of CNN or Newsweek. Is she a troll, or is she channelling Joseph McCarthy? There is no investigation in this piece, just a series of assertions beginning “The Russians have used this to their advantage, attempting to influence the US election etc etc”. In this case a year of prying has come up with nothing substantial, only allegations that get more spurious by the day. The Twitter and Facebook executives who testified before the congressional hearing tried, as one commentator said, to give reasonable answers to unreasonable questions. Quite so. It looks more and more like those fuzzy black-and-white movies of the House un-American Activities Committee hearing of the early 1950’s. It seems McCarthyism has reared its ugly head again in our time.

  8. John Hall

    Too much Russia blaming. The NRA is a major influence peddler too. The US & Australiavia Pine Gap can eavesdrop on just about anyone we want to. Trump cannot be controlled by the ‘establishment’ so ways will be found to remove him, if not by the Russian connection, another will be found. The Two Party system in the US is in terminal decline.

  9. samb

    Yikes, that was embarrassing.

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