Nov 8, 2017

Neoliberalism is crumbling in Australia, but its damaging features still remain

Crikey on the Coalition and the global impact of the Russian Revolution

On the global impact of the Russian Revolution

Ian Hunt writes: Re. "The revolution we had to have"(Tuesday) 

We can hardly speculate about what might have happened, can we Guy? We can say our world is very bad, due to the rise of neo-liberalism in the eighties. There are signs it is crumbling now but we won’t have a good indication of its fall in Australia until the Australia Labor Party firmly announces that Newstart should get a substantial increase and a reversal of the dismantling of the Disability pension, so that people with diabetes and heart problems are not forced onto the pittance of Newstart and threatened with the absurdity of the processes by which they will seek and fail to find jobs. I wait with baited breath for a politician to feel they can’t smartly say that the best thing is to get a job when there are more seeking jobs than jobs available and when some simply are too damaged to seek or hold jobs.

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2 thoughts on “Neoliberalism is crumbling in Australia, but its damaging features still remain

  1. brian crooks

    josh frydenbrains mum is like a hen who escaped the fox to produce a son who became a fox, how can we now flee from the final solution being imposed by frydenbrain and his coalition of gestapo thugs that calls itself the coalition. heil Malcolm, heil tony.

  2. Peter Evans

    Can’t be a half Senate election until June 2018 (and it must be held be March 2019). Adds extra spice, hey. A lower house election would very probably return a Labour gov, but then who would want to force a half Senate only election 7 or 8 months later? God only knows how you’d get them back in sync in the longer term.

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