The race did the job yesterday afternoon for Seven. The race averaged 2.49 million nationally, but like the AFL and NRL Grand Finals, these figures are indicative -- the real audience will be a lot, lot bigger, probably by two million or more, because of the difficulty measuring all the people watching in pubs, clubs, workplaces and at parties large and small.

But the real message from yesterday and last night was confirmation that Seven has the biggest foreign hit of the year on its hands with The Good Doctor’s second Tuesday night outing -- 1.78 million national viewers, up from 1.64 million a week earlier.  Seven said the first episode a week ago not only had 1.64 million overnight viewers, but another 363,000 time shifted viewers over the next seven days and 63,000 streams for a total audience of 2.06 million, which makes it a mega hit, especially in these days of reducing viewing levels. Seven’s Instant Hotel debuted to 1.128 million nationally and some nice demos. Will its audience return for episode 2? That is the big question.