Well, it might have stopped the nation, but Australia has survived another running of the Melbourne Cup, and the usual whining and whinnying from business groups complaining about the holiday and the damage to national productivity from staff having fun -- and the fun police moaning about the dangers of staff having fun and drinking, eating, betting and flirting with each other and making gooses of themselves as pictures and TV news reports again showed us.

Many of these whiners were in the exclusive areas of Flemington racecourse yesterday swilling bubbly and chowing down on nibbles on what is a work day for the rest of us. The roll call of whiners among the wealthy included Elmer Funke Kupper, the former CEO of Tabcorp and the ASX.He told The Australian earlier this year he had a plan for fixing the economy (it's behind a paywall). It didn’t include him taking Tuesday off for the Cup, as the AFR's Rear Window column showed in a pic on page 44.