Nov 7, 2017

When Coalition crisis degenerates into internal warfare, who will be left with the pieces?

If Abbott's quest for vengeance is meant to be a secret, it's not a very good one.

Paula Matthewson — Political commentator and communications adviser

Paula Matthewson

Political commentator and communications adviser

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Liberal MP John Alexander

“Crisis” seems to be the word journalists have fixed upon to describe what is besetting the Turnbull coalition government. Up until yesterday, the term was more journalistic overreach than reality.

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17 thoughts on “When Coalition crisis degenerates into internal warfare, who will be left with the pieces?

  1. Richard Thompson

    I think that you could add a few words such as selfish, stupid, cruel and most of all, blind (to reality)!

  2. Wayne Robinson

    Agreed, Josh Frydenberg is safe. For him to be a dual citizen, his mother would have to have applied for citizenship lost by emigrating between 1947 and 1990 and then he would have had to apply for dual citizenship by descent. It’s unlikely he would have forgotten doing that if he did.

    The easiest way of solving this imbroglio is to have a fresh election for the House and half the Senate (any dual-citizenship 6 year senators could be replaced in the usual manner).

    How about December 16?

    1. CML

      I wouldn’t be so confident about Josh F if I were you. I read somewhere this morning that through exhaustive investigation, some journo or other discovered that his mother actually came through immigration on a Hungarian passport, all those years ago…so NOT stateless at all.
      Then with the changes to Hungarian citizenship laws a few years ago, that means Josh may well be a Hungarian citizen by descent.
      Hopefully we will find out in the next few weeks.

      1. Wayne Robinson


        From what I understand, Josh’s mother lost her Hungarian citizenship because she emigrated between 1947 and 1990 (she arrived in Australia in the ‘50s). Then in 1991, the Hungarian government changed the law allowing her to apply for dual citizenship. And if she did, Josh would be eligible to apply for dual citizenship too as a result of descent from a Hungarian citizen. But he wouldn’t have automatic dual citizenship; both his mother and he would need to apply.

        I’d love Josh to have to stand for re-election in a byelection. But it’s not going to happen.

  3. MJM

    Great article and fine last sentence Paula. Thanks.

  4. Duncan Gilbey

    That last paragraph neatly encapsulates the state of Coalition politics in 2017.
    A ripper of an article.

  5. tonysee

    Maybe there is a plan for the DCOB’s* though? Maybe toppling Talcum will result in a new election and that’ll be just fine because the DCOB’s will emerge victorious and, Rudd-like, resume their rightful place.

    *Delusional Cabal of Old Bastards

  6. zut alors

    ‘Revenge is the clear destination, but little thought is being given to what must come after.’

    Exactly as with the invasion of Iraq, it’s all about the glorious conquer.

    Abbott pictures himself triumphantly striding into the House of Reps & taking up position in the once familiar seat next to the Despatch Boxes. But then what, Tony….?

  7. graybul

    Good read Paula. Further to “. . . .there are only two weeks left this year . . .” and; “. . . only two party room meetings left in which TA can take revenge . . .” and; ” . . . but little thought is being given to what must come after.”

    Indeed, if that is the main game in play, the electorate would appear to be on a hiding to nothing as neither option relieves the stifling miasma of chaos eating away at our democracy/values. Maybe, a counter might be to mobilise media/social media linkage of the two players referencing both as a single entity. Thereby illustrating their impact upon the body politic is equally damaging to the extent “both” must depart for our democracy to survive. In effect do not allow the current combatant storyline to exist?

  8. klewso

    To the victor belong the spoiled.

  9. blenda

    Turhbull played the holocaust card and renegs on idigenous recognition. Who is Hitler? The First Nation were subjected to even greater horrifying crimes. The Jews eventually got tjere homeland back.

  10. Xoanon

    The word “entitled” seems the mot juste for the whole pack of them. They seem to have no sense of the sheer arrogance they’re radiating to the everyday voter out there. Even my octogenarian Lib-voting dad is disgusted with them.

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