Nov 7, 2017

Abe shows the world how to play Trump

While most leaders visibly shudder through their interactions with Trump, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has deftly kept him onside

Almost a year to the day since jaws hit the floor at the election of Donald Trump, many world leaders are still struggling to get a handle on the mercurial US commander in chief.

Not so Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who has managed the Trump era better than just about any other leader around the world. It is no surprise, therefore, that Trump’s inaugural visit to Asia as president started with a three-day trip to Japan, where he will leave today for his next stop, South Korea. The two have been in close contact since before Trump even took office, and have reportedly spoken more than a dozen times, making Abe Trump’s point-man in Asia.

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8 thoughts on “Abe shows the world how to play Trump

  1. Mike Smith

    Abe is Noh actor.

  2. klewso

    How do you “play” a fart?
    Trump needed an Abe – to distract from what’s going on, back home on the domestic circuit – not least on that Russian front.
    Abe just has to remember one thing “Never give a sucker and even break.”

  3. zut alors

    When Trump is lulled into feeling he has superior power (and superior everything else) he’s content. Abe is playing him skillfully ie: not too fawning but with sufficient flattery. Trump is an intellectual yokel, Abe knows not to treat him as one.

  4. Will

    “Trump’s campaign comments indicate his doubts over the value of a strong US presence in Japan (it currently numbers 54,000 military personnel), so Abe needed to show why it was in the United States’ interests to keep them there. The threat of North Korea as a nuclear power made the case compelling.”

    Sorry? Wha . . . what?

    The threat of North Korea (soon) obtaining a nuclear missile that can reach the US mainland is precisely what makes removing US troops from Japanese (and South Korean) soil simply a logical thing for the US to do. (Why on earth would the US invite nuclear attack on its homeland by coming to the defense of Japan or South Korea in the event of either being attacked by North Korea?) And Japanese government officials well know it. The quid pro quo for keeping US troops in Japan that Trump would have extracted from Abe is Japan committing to rapidly building up its war-fighting capabilities, including eventually acquiring its own nuclear forces (with the peace constitution, they’d have agreed, be damned).

  5. AR

    I think that Arthur Koestler pinged the bignose/inscrutable well in the Robot & the Yogi but, as with so many of his ideas, arse about.
    Abe has dealt with the Drumpfster as he would koi carp in a well raked garden.

    1. AR

      … Friday befuddlement again, d’ohhh, the Lotus & the Robot and the Yogi and the Kommissar.

  6. blenda

    Abs shows how to endear Trump. He knows Trump is a gusher.

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