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Nov 3, 2017

John Kinsella: Manus Island Protest

New poetry by award winning Australian poet, John Kinsella.


The Manus Island ‘detainees’ are in

limbo, which is what the immigration

authorities of Australia sanction

since the courts declared their boundless prison

illegal. Now, without hope, the tension

of being unwanted where they’re marooned,

refugees in heat with dehydration,

cut off from food and water unless fed

to a fate they reject — humans to be retuned.


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3 thoughts on “John Kinsella: Manus Island Protest

  1. zut alors

    Please call Peter Dutton’s office at Parliament House:
    (02) 6277 7860
    to register strong (but polite) feedback on the humanitarian crisis on Manus.

    If Dutton’s dept is inundated answering calls something may be done to relieve the situation for the suffering refugees. But only once it becomes a nuisance to Dutton’s staff.

  2. Woopwoop

    Not great poetry, and is it true that if they accept the alternative accommodation they’ll be returned?

    1. J. P. Quinton

      ‘Retuned’, not returned.

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