Nov 2, 2017

When a reformed pokies addict confronted James Packer …

What follows is a transcript of part of the exchange between reformed pokies addict Anna Bardsley and the Crown board.

Stephen Mayne — Journalist and Founder

Stephen Mayne

Journalist and Founder

Crown Resorts still hasn’t released a transcript from its lively AGM last Thursday even though controlling shareholder James Packer claimed the company would look at becoming more transparent.


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5 thoughts on “When a reformed pokies addict confronted James Packer …

  1. zut alors

    ‘…we have a real responsibility to make sure people aren’t harming themselves, because in truth if that happens it becomes bad for our business…’

    This mentality is similar to that of a tobacco industry executive who realises if too much of the product is consumed the customer will become terminal & their industry will lose another addict. Bad for business.

  2. Juffy

    …did Packer really infer that Crown must be taking problem gambling by their *customers* seriously because their *employees* are happy? That’s….an impressive leap.

  3. Mike Smith

    Like appointing a fox to look after chicken security, really.

  4. AR

    Alexander revels in being an award winning casino operator – ” within the gambling industry we try our hardest to be a good corporate citizen and I’d really like you to think about what it means for a company to win Best Employer in Australia three times in seven years”.
    Nuff said.

  5. gerald butler

    You can be the best run company in the known universe but your business is legalised extortion. Similar to 2000 environmental protections on Galilee basin coal when the coal is going to be burnt anyway.

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