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Glen Le Lievre

Nov 2, 2017

Glen Le Lievre

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8 thoughts on “Glen Le Lievre

  1. zut alors

    Poor Malcolm, he wandered too far off the original path & is now lost/stranded with no way out.

    1. paddy

      Brilliant pic of Beersheba Glen. If only Malcolm had a horse.

      1. klewso

        He’s got half already – a government of the rear end.

      2. zut alors

        Perhaps a braying donkey on the backbench.

  2. klewso

    ‘…… Enter A’Bonobo – Stage Right – with a tub of golf balls and a sand wedge …..’

  3. graybul

    Another ‘foot in mouth’ moment eh Mal?

  4. Norm

    Loved it, thanks Glen.

  5. AR

    If he’d ever served he would follow standard procedure and walk only where others safely have – let the original Clownshoes go first.
    Like walking in the tracks behind a tank.

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