Tips and rumours

Nov 2, 2017

Tips and rumours

Bernie Finn fires up ... headlining CEO raises a few questions ... Melbourne's hipsters unfairly targeted once again


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2 thoughts on “Tips and rumours

  1. Colin McGavisk

    Keep up your good work. It took me some time to warm to your commentary. I feel sure, however, that ‘The Rube’ supports your fair and balanced commentary and am waiting with a small degree of anticipation for a fair and balanced response from our collective conscience, and our manipulated consciousness, to your well reasoned positions, in -‘The Australian’ .
    Colin McGavisk

  2. AR

    I’m looking forward to the hue & cry when the ABS publishes the electorate by electorate voting on the junkmailnonbidingopinionpoll on Nov 15th.
    There will be much clutching of pearls and crossing of legs when people become aware of the density of deviates in their mean, or tree lined, streets.
    How will that affect the sapphist/sodomist couple next door?

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