Here’s a brief rundown of Australia’s media diversity over the past 40 years. It starts in 1977, when 8-year-old Irfan Yusuf was forced to watch the news for one hour with his mum. It was Channel 10’s Eyewitness News with a blonde Anglo lady named Katrina Lee accompanied by an Anglo bloke whose name now escapes me. The closest thing to a “woggy” or “desi” looking reporter on that show was Eddy Meyer.

On Monday, I met Eddy for the first time at the Sydney launch of Media Diversity Australia, a new group of young media practitioners who share one thing in common – they don’t look anything like Katrina Lee. Then again, they also don’t look like me or my mum. But they are committed to making sure Australian media, its faces and its stories, are more reflective of the reality of Australia.