Seven’s night, again. The Wall shed 15.7% of its national audience -- from 1.54 million  on Monday night to 1.31 million last night, Seven was saved by the debut of The Good Doctor which topped the metros with 1.06 million (the only million viewer audience in the metros last night) and nationally with more than 1.64 million people which made it Number 1. Seven’s 2017 saved with four weeks to go!

The storyline is autistic savant medico saves the day. That’s opposed to the grumpy/prickly genius savant medico on House -- whose producers are also responsible for The Good Doctor,  an ABC America remake of the South Korean original series. I betcha no one is out hawking a teleplay for an autistic savant accountant saving the profit and loss report. But medicos are popular in Australia in 2017 and star in two of this year’s most popular (and solid) dramas at the moment -- the locally made Doctor Doctor on Nine and Dr Blake’s Mysteries on the ABC (soon to go to Seven). Grey’s Anatomy is still alive on a digital channel at Seven and ABC has ordered more episodes for the current season of this stalwart. Is it time to disinter Dr Kildare and Dr Casey’s Notebook, as well as the old ABC standard, GP?