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Nov 1, 2017

As the Turnbull government has lurched from crisis to crisis in the past week, seemingly unable to win even the smallest trick, modern China moved into its third era as its leader Xi Jinping took complete charge of the country, a triumphant dictator, after the ruling Communist Party’s quinquennial Congress — with barely a sound from Canberra.

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5 thoughts on “Bishop losing her way on Asian diplomacy as Xi cements power

  1. MJM

    “Whatever the case, all of this makes it clear that the Turnbull government has comprehensively lost its way in foreign affairs.”

    Therein is a presumption that somehow an LNP government ever knew the way. Remember when Alexander Downer was Minister for DFAT? Every statement he made induced terrible cringing. The only thing he ever got right was a decision not to impose sanctions on Burma.

  2. John Hall

    Our Foreign Affairs is a pale (and dangerous) copy of the USA’s – god help us.

  3. klewso

    “Sigh. Things are so much simpler under some of these Asian regimes ….”?

  4. Trelevn

    Australia’s current blundering between America as a military partner and China as an economic one, perpetuates a 2 way bet where we loose unless both horses win.

  5. steven westbrook

    Ever since Trump was elected, the LNP has seemed to have trouble accepting that the easy foreign policy meal tickets have expired.