Oct 31, 2017

How the states are making Scott Morrison pay for his failing performance

Has Scott Morrison had his worst month since becoming Treasurer?

Alan Austin — Freelance journalist

Alan Austin

Freelance journalist

The jobless rates, housing, productivity, wages, tax avoidance, national net worth, and the ballooning debt all added to federal Treasurer Scott Morrison’s October tribulations. And now the state treasurers have formed their own club to circumvent him. The humiliation is pretty comprehensive.

State and territory treasurers – two Coalition and six Labor – agreed late last week to establish a new board of treasurers. This seeks to resolve “frustration amongst the states about issues” which “require greater autonomy for the good of our communities and of the nation.”

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5 thoughts on “How the states are making Scott Morrison pay for his failing performance

  1. Paul

    The media has never focused on the economic and fiscal disasters perpetrated by successive LNP goverments, both state and federal. However they waste no time (nor do they spend time researching the facts) making up failings or fabricate problems when Labor is in office.

    1. Johnny B Bad

      So true Paul, Leon & AR. It has been going on for decades. I’m sure his eventual successor will be the same. The NBN is a disaster due to vested interests (Rupert, of course, plus others who are trying to stop progress so the profits are fatter.) I am positive the Debt will suddenly be the main talking point in Rupe’s world if Labor become the next Government.

  2. leon knight

    Most LNP voters are so blinkered they would think this data was fake news if any mainstream journo reported it….. I can’t see the electorate waking up to propaganda news until Rupes shuffles off his mortal coil, even then it will be years more before most of his ugly acolytes are also swept away.

  3. AR

    There you go with that facts thangy – the right makes its own reality and that’s the charm, people believe B/S even when it’s against their own best interest, daily experience and past knowledge.

  4. 2bobsworth

    Expecting the Press to become responsible for good governance is foolish.
    Rupert Murdoch is a foreign billionaire. He influences politics on three continents, visits Downing St., the White House and Kirribilli house.
    Rupert Murdoch “informs” over 70% of Australia’s “politicised newsmedia.
    His clones decide what the public are told and what they are not told, ie: fair and balanced (joke). After the journalists on the Australian went on strike over the distorted propaganda during the Whitlam dismissal in 1975 his employees have been chosen for their strict group think obedience. Remote control.
    Rupert has helped give the UK Brexit, the US Trump (via FoxNews) and Australia has got Abbott and Turnbull’s NBN. All for News Corps bottom line.

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