Oct 30, 2017

Now Joyce is gone, Labor can run amok. Banking royal commission anyone?

Now that the government has lost a vote in the House of Representatives, are we going to see that banking royal commission that Labor and the crossbench have been pushing so hard for?

Charlie Lewis — Journalist

Charlie Lewis


A terrible week for the government -- hoisted by the petard of its raid on the Australian Workers' Union and exposed by a series of other embarrassments, big and small, during estimates -- ended about as badly as it could have, with two ministers (who happen to represent the leadership of Coalition junior partners the Nationals) kicked off the benches. The High Court has ruled Deputy Prime Minster Barnaby Joyce and Nationals deputy leader Senator Fiona Nash have been ruled to have been ineligibly elected. Redressing this loss is a relatively straight forward process in the Senate -- although messy in this case, and most likely career-ending for Nash.

However, Joyce, the only member of the House of Representatives to be so far bogged in the dual-citizenship morass, now faces a byelection in his New England seat, dropping the number of seats held by the government to 75 out of 149. Speaker Tony Smith has vowed not to use his casting vote to prop up the government, while independent Cathy McGowan has guaranteed supply and confidence until Joyce is re-elected, assuming that happens. 

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6 thoughts on “Now Joyce is gone, Labor can run amok. Banking royal commission anyone?

  1. Julie Burns

    The intellectual level of many LNP members is embarrassingly low. George Christiansen is
    an example as is Hanson. What is it about these QLD people? Is it the effect of too much sun? No alternative to the Murdoch press? Left overs from Joh?
    When viewed from afar, Australia is a joke on so many levels.

    1. Nudiefish

      The answer is simple: There is “Brisbane” and there is “Queensland”. The two are not necessarily associated.

      1. zut alors

        Correct, two distinct groups of voters.

        The rest of Oz may be astonished to know there are still people here in Qld who believe Sir Joh Bjelke-Petersen was a top bloke, a man of fine Christian principles with an unblemished career as premier – despite all evidence to the contrary from the Fitzgerald Inquiry. Despite several of his senior ministers serving gaol sentences along with his preferred (& knighted) Police Commissioner, Terry Lewis, who spent ten years in the clink. Facts apparently fade to invisibility in the sun up here.

  2. Geoff Thomas

    I have a good idea for a Royal Commission that would sit nicely beside a Royal Commission into the Banking and Financial Services Industry.
    How About a Royal Commission to Investigate, Report On and Make Recommendations On the Impact Of Tax Evasion, Avoidance, and Minimisation?
    It would be required to deal with all impacts, including those involving equity, fairness, the economy, revenue, and social infrastructure implications.
    I love it!

  3. klewso

    How/where is Christensen going to hide? …. Down by the banks of the Ohio?
    Reminds me of when dictator “Sergio B-P” was away and Gunn called on Tony Fitzgerald to “go over the books” – one can but hope.

  4. AR

    If only Christensen were Shia and used that whip on hissownself we could not only have a bank RC but sundry other reforms.
    At least until Return of the Tomato.

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