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Northern Territory

Oct 30, 2017

Is Scullion really ending his ‘racist’ welfare program?

If reports are anything to go by, Nigel Scullion's sudden promotion to leader of the Nationals isn't the only big change coming for him.

It was a manic end to the week for Nigel Scullion, Minister for Indigenous Affairs, now acting Nationals leader.

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3 thoughts on “Is Scullion really ending his ‘racist’ welfare program?

  1. John Hall

    He certainly lives up to the dictionary:
    a kitchen servant who does menial work.
    a low or contemptible person.

  2. brian crooks

    this mob of illiterate imbeciles is fast running out of nails for their prospective political coffins,between shooting each other in the feet and putting their feet in their mouths its hard to imagine what catastrophe will come next, I cant wait for the mass political funeral for these clowns after the next election. not many mourners will bother to attend either I`ll wager

  3. AR

    The racist inequity isn’t a bug, it is an integral feature of the scheme.