Oct 27, 2017

Rundle: Labor readies, aims, shoots itself in the face in Northcote byelection

Are Labor Right unwittingly writing the script for Fiona Richardson's successor to be a Green?

Guy Rundle — Correspondent-at-large

Guy Rundle


Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews and Labor candidate for the Northcote byelection Clare Burns 

"I'm tough and I've heard it all before." In the cavernous main bar at "Welcome to Thornbury", a former plant nursery that is now a collocation of bar and food trucks, Greens candidate for Northcote Lidia Thorpe was giving her launch speech last night, and finding it necessary to divert from her main positive message -- the first Aboriginal candidate likely to make it into state parliament -- to address rumours swirling around about her past.

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12 thoughts on “Rundle: Labor readies, aims, shoots itself in the face in Northcote byelection

  1. lykurgus

    No. You’re just getting old.

  2. upstart1

    Of course they would

  3. brewer

    Now if the geniuses in the Liberal party who have given us AWUgate were serious about crooked Bill, this would be a much better example. Crooked Bill and jobs for his mates. Now there is a much more interesting story – if your hands are clean.

  4. Myki Smith

    Here we go again. Rundle spruiking for the Greens in Northcote – just as he did so disgracefully during the last federal election. There is no evidence linking Labor to the issues mentioned and it is more likely the culprits can be found at the Herald-Sun. The headline is fake news.

  5. Desmond Carroll

    The political purity of permanent parliamentary opposition; how frightfully attractive. Last year, the Shorten-led Parliamentary Labor Party achieved a greater electoral swing than did the Whitlam-led party of 1969 — which was the springboard for the victory of November 2, 1972. Rundle’s visceral dislike of Bill Shorten is about as enlightened as that of the deluded Whitlam haters of the 1960s.

    1. CML

      Absolutely correct, Desmond!
      Everyone reads the gutter Limited News re Shorten, and all those with half a brain believe everything written therein. Yes…I’m talking about YOU, Guy Rundle.
      Bill will make a wonderful PM…at the very least he could NOT possibly be any worse than what we have at present!!
      Also, if I’m reading you correctly, Guy…it is Kimberley Kitching’s HUSBAND who is/was the bankrupt…NOT the candidate herself as in the case of Lidia Thorpe. You do like to twist things around when it suits your particular political point of view…and you have the effrontery to attack Bill Shorten for…what exactly?????

  6. Lorraine Wharton

    I understand the reason for her bankruptcy solution but what about their creditors? A bankrupt saves themselves but hurts how many in the process? It is not a victimless solution. Would it be possible for LNP to smear and hope it blows back on ALP or more likely factional heads can’t see beyond their power grab?

  7. [email protected]

    Must be nearly as hard for Rundle to always be the smartest guy in the room as it is for us poor punters to read his never ending celebrations of that fact. The Rundle- Razer echo chamber is getting tediously predictable..I’m off to New Matilda.

    1. Luckyduck

      Well said. Totally support your statement ‘ The Rundle- Razer’ echo chamber…’

  8. brian crooks

    the slightest whiff of anything that can be used as a beat up to destroy a politician and not to do with any member of the coalition, is whipped into a frenzy by the news corpse media, to discredit and degenerate labor or greens is O.K and does`nt have to be true or of any substance to be promoted and pursued to convince the voters of criminal intent, but the disgusting stories flying around about a certain polly of the hard right persuasion is tightly kept under the table on the feeble excuse that its a personal matter, this is not a democracy, this is a corrupt media controlled virtual police state.

  9. Paul Flynn

    What an absurd claim that the Greens candidate is a ‘natural successor’ in the seat because of her tragic experience with domestic violence. Politics is about more than single issue narratives, no matter how admirable. And to slander Kimberley Kitching for her husband’s actions just to aid some half baked Greens apologetics harks back to the worst witch hunts over Gillard’s ex boyfriend.

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