All hail Sophie, Queen of TV -- free now to marry Stu in the 2018 hit special called The Honeymooners? Jarrod joins Apollo in a beauty parade for next year’s Bachelor after last night’s rejection on the finale of the Bachette. Soph's rescue of the Ten network climaxed with a massive 2.20 million audience last night, of which 1.64 million were in the metros. The rest of the program grabbed 1.75 million viewers nationally. If Ten was still a listed company this would have sent the shares higher, even at its lowest point in early June. Gogglebox grabbed 1.3 million nationally straight after and proved to be funnier than much of the "comedy" on TV these days. Their verdict next week on Sophie’s choice last night will be well worth waiting for. 

Seven News again beat Nine News in Sydney (and nationally and in the metros). Seven’s wins in Sydney are starting to become a late year habit. That’s a small glimmer for what has been a miserable three months for Seven. In the regions The Bachette Decision topped the night with 564,000 people, with Seven News second with 509,000, then Seven News/TT with 444,000, the finale of The Bachette was fourth with 437,000 and Home and Away was fifth with 429,000.