Oct 27, 2017

No aid from Abetz: how GetUp became Eric’s favourite political target

Eric Abetz and the right have long tried to have GetUp taken off the political map, and have resorted to some pretty interesting tactics.

Charlie Lewis — Journalist

Charlie Lewis


Coalition politicians from the Prime Minister down have retreated to a common refrain this week: the real issue is what prompted the Australian Federal Police raid in the first place; the donation in 2006 by the Australian Workers' Union (then headed by now-Opposition Leader Bill Shorten, also a board member) to left-wing activists GetUp as they were starting out.

As Fairfax reported on Monday, before this latest scandal erupted, GetUp is readying for a "costly legal battle" around whether it is a "front" for the Greens or the Labor party. GetUp has long been a target for the right wing, and, in particular, one long-time representative of the the harder right. Let's take a look:

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15 thoughts on “No aid from Abetz: how GetUp became Eric’s favourite political target

  1. old greybearded one

    I am a GetUp supporter and donor. If I could afford more to defeat this odious clown Abetz I would donate more. Abetz and his ilk hate the idea of a group not funded by their allies. What by the way would the IPA be if subjected to similar carry on?

    1. thelorikeet

      I’m like you – I gave more in response to the outrageous assault on the rule of law using AFP resources, but the pit has a shallow bottom. But maybe we should talk to friends who each adding a few shekels might make a big difference … even to aid the cause against the Red Faced on in New England …

  2. [email protected]

    A laughing Erica; the most frightening thing I’ve seen and I was “chased” out of the water by a white pointer at Cactus 40 years ago.

  3. klewso


    …… Remember this is the idiot that rode on the running board of Utegate and reckons abortion is linked to breast cancer …. sucking up our $tax –
    thanks, that minority of Tasmanians.

    1. jmendelssohn

      Abetz headed the Tasmanian Senate ticket + controls that state’s branch with an iron fist. His presence is probably why other parties, including Jackie Lambie, do so well.

  4. Peter Wileman

    As a Tasmanian citizen, I am just aghast that this Teutonic fossil continues to be supported. Honestly, we’re not all banjo playing, straw sucking, right wing inbreds. But apparently there are enough of us that are.

  5. AR

    For a man who speaks with his teeth tightly clenched it is amazing that he can appear to laugh.

  6. Yclept

    Good work Eric, you prompted me to throw a couple of hundred dollars towards Getup! I hope they end your political career, it would be such well deserved karma…

  7. Marcus Hicks

    Meanwhile the IPA…..which *does* have charitable status….is such an obvious front for the Liberal Party that the Liberal Party manifesto is basically just the 100 point plan of the IPA, & the Liberal Party hand picks most of its new MP’s from the IPA ranks. Oh, but nothing to see here, apparently-in spite of the complete lack of transparency around who donates money to the IPA.

  8. Juan

    I immediately made another donation to GetUp when I heard that a union donor had been police raided. It’s time Australia implemented a Bill of Rights. It looks like Trump is rubbing off on this neofascist so-called LIBERAL Party. It’s time to throw the bastards out.

  9. margaret handasyde

    Like the proverbial elephant, he never forgets a slight or a perceived disadvantage and his wrath is endless. His view of the world is the only legitimate way of being and the rest of us stand to be corrected. Abetz has very little insight and sees those who disapprove of him as having ideological differences only. What he fails to see, that others see plainly, is his ultimate nastiness and revenge. – Gillian Triggs, Abdel Magid, GetUp, SSM Opponents, and on and on.

    1. margaret handasyde

      Should read : SSM supporters

  10. Paul Hand

    It must rile Abetz that GetUp has ordinary donors in the community like me who have no political affiliation but are appalled by the way the Liberal party have moved so far to the ulra right, dumping values that I grew up with.

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