There are two stubborn odours in every knowledge workplace of the present. The first comes from the kitchenette; microwaved puttanesca from last June. The second comes from your armpits. Or, at least, it did from mine. Every time “change” was ordered from upstairs, I knew what to expect: no change, preceded by a week of meetings about how to have better meetings, with a guest appearance by a Maverick in a TEDx cap.

The Maverick was a “change consultant”. He was paid to uphold the delusion that we, the marketing department for a financial services company (yes, I’m going to hell), were making change. He said, “think outside outside the box”. He mentioned diversity and neuroscience several times, and is the chief reason I am unable to watch Todd Sampson on TV. I try not to think about him, and that peppy nightmare of a job.