The Bachelorette is down to two. Will Apollo be promoted to be his own Bacherlor in 2018 after his early exit last night? After all this year’s Bach, Matty J, was a 2016 dumpee. Apollo could revive the weak ratings from this year’s series.  Ten ran second in the metros overall, but again won the main channels and will win both tonight. The Bachette -- 1.56 million and the most watched program nationally and in the metros -- 1.18 million. And tonight, more for Ten.

Nothing wrong with Sisters -- 878,000 nationally over two hours, made up of 624,000 metro and 254,000 regional viewers. It is, in fact, the sort of comedy drama that the ABC should have really made instead of drifting off into science fiction with the likes of Glitch or getting lost in a Medicare office with Pulse. And isn’t it interesting that poor, broke Ten is still having a go with interesting new program ideas.