Oct 26, 2017

AWU raid is absurd, but calls for Cash’s resignation a step too far

If Michaelia Cash is telling the truth about being lied to by a staffer over the AWU raid scandal, she shouldn't be fired.

Bernard Keane — Politics editor

Bernard Keane

Politics editor

Employment Minister Michaelia Cash shouldn't be a minister currently. She appointed Nigel Hadgkiss, whom she knew was the subject of well-founded claims that he'd broken the law, to head the Australian Building and Construction Commission last December. She's tried to argue that somehow she didn't, that he was appointed by some legislative magic and not her, and that it was OK anyway because they were only allegations made by the CFMEU.

As it turned out, even a cursory check of what Hadgkiss had done would have revealed how utterly inappropriate it was for him to be appointed to lead the new body. Cash should have resigned along with Hadgkiss.

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57 thoughts on “AWU raid is absurd, but calls for Cash’s resignation a step too far

  1. mikeb

    Well no she is innocent until proven guilty, but does anyone seriously think she didn’t give the green light to this leak happening?

  2. Srs21

    All the bagging she’s getting is well deserved. Tit for tat. May sound childish but she needs knocking down off her high horse. Such a rude, nasty and soulless creature is she.

  3. Laurie Patton

    In the ministerial advisor world it’s called “plausible deniability”. Staffers deliberately don’t tell their bosses certain things (and ministers don’t ask) so that they cannot be accused of misleading parliament.

    1. AR

      Who would not deny that she is plausible?
      Come back Epimenides, all is forgiven.

  4. Urban Wronski

    Surely it would be more than his job is worth for deGaris to have gone ahead and notified media off his own bat – thereby signalling to the nation that the government is using the AFP for its own political ends. Cash’s version is implausible to say the very least.

    1. Peter Wileman

      Look out for the deGaris name standing in a safe NLP seat in the near future

      1. AR

        In the meantime, a sinecure at the IPA or Menzies House.

      2. brian crooks

        any truth in the rumour that deGaris has been offered a lucrative position with gina rinehart mining ?

  5. lloydois

    Not sure which shower you came down in Bernard but if you believe this you should join Bevan Sheilds in the naughty corner for dereliction of basic journalistic practice!

  6. shea mcduff

    Cash ->Senate
    “Senator Cash said: “I can assure you that I found out about the raids as they unfolded on the television.
    I can also assure you that my office did not find out about the raids until after they were being conducted.
    It is a very serious allegation you are making and I refute it completely”
    “And quite frankly I am offended on behalf of my staff.”

    Resign today or get sacked.

  7. klewso

    No, no, he can’t sack her – who knows what she’s going to come up with next…..?

    1. gerald butler

      This haughty cow with the ‘joker’ smirk needs to get the arse before she helps to bring the government down. On second thoughts…..

  8. brian crooks

    serve yourself right trumbles if you promote on the basis of suckholing and not ability this is what you get, but then again, there`s not really much ability available . just look at the treasurers we`ve had, no brains hockey and dimwit scomo, not to mention dudwun

  9. klewso

    …. Remember “Children Overboard” – how and why, from Honest John Howard and Honest Phil Ruddock all the way Downer to that reprobate Reith (and “advisor” Hendy), “didn’t know the truth” about that either?
    “Fire-Walls ‘R Us”?

  10. Harry.v.Dirchy

    As Richo said on Sky the other night it is inconcievable that the Minister would not be across what is eminating from their office.

    1. 124C4U

      Not to worry. Degaris fell on his sword to protect his boss, and Talkbull and the whole Coalition. Good luck Sir Galahad the fair maiden will be generous I’m sure.
      Now let’s wait and see what his reward will be. An Ambassador somewhere, Preselection for a Lib. seat, Commissioner, or whatever. I’ll bet it is something lucrative and desirable.

      1. Paul Munro

        An appointment to the AAT perhaps? Or is there substance in Cameron’s suggestion that DeGaris was already contemplating a job change? Does News Ltd beckon?

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