The ABC describes its program Q&A as “democracy in action”. We cannot be sure that Cleisthenes of Athens would agree. I can’t be sure if you agree, but I did take a straw poll yesterday while preparing to review last night’s episode, and found that six out of seven democratic Crikey readers did not much care to even talk about this show.

Sure, the survey had a sample size of seven, was hasty, and did include my dad. Dad was the only survey respondent who said that he usually watched, “But only because it helps me know what you were angry about last week, Blossom” (Yes, my father calls me “Blossom”. It’s lovely and appropriate. Shut up.)

One interviewee said, “I’ll watch it if I’m a bit sloshed, and fancy yelling at something slightly less fluffy than clouds.” Another reported, “It’s a bit like a mug of warm Ovaltine, but one made with skim milk.” I am not sure what she meant. Perhaps that the contents of Q&A were sleep-inducing and thin.