Nine’s night, thanks to a special from The Block  --  it will be all programming filler from here to the climax next weekend.  This  is called "milking it for all the ratings you can get". And it did the job, with 1.70 million national viewers. The Four Corners special report on the flailing NBN grabbed 1.05 million national viewers. Ten’s attracted 1.04 million viewers nationally. Ten’s main channel share doubled to 13.6% last night from Sunday’s 6.8%.

Seen News in Sydney beat Nine News from 6pm to 6.30pm for the third time in a week. Not a trend but an intriguing weakening at Nine. Media Watch grabbed 917,000 national viewers (thanks 4 Cs) and included anther good kick at Alan Jones for his bizarre and repeated claim that Macau is a Muslim or Muslim-dominated country. Q&A had 833,000 national viewers with yet another discussion of marriage.