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Oct 18, 2017

Xi Jinping

All eyes in Australia should be firmly fixed on the quinquennial Chinese Communist Party Congress — its 19th since taking power in 1949 — that begins in Beijing’s impressive Stalinist Great Hall of the People in Tiananmen Square.

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4 thoughts on “Ruthless Xi Jinping consolidates power ahead of all-important Communist Party Congress

  1. Will

    Unless you imagine China might harbour actual colonialist territorial ambitions (i.e. militarily seizing lands, enslaving peoples, etc), isn’t a greater threat than its military modernisation our entire region’s growing trade dependence upon it?

  2. Stephen Darley

    Once again Michael Sainsbury displays his rabid anti-Chinese rhetoric. He doesn’t inform us that Taiwan (US ally and Australian ally-at-one-remove) has exactly the same claim in the South China Sea as the PRC; and that 3 neighbouring
    countries other than China have also built militarised atolls in the disputed island groups. That would spoil his narrative.

    1. MAC TEZ

      MS is avidly anti, perhaps the Schizwan Pepper Prawns that night at the Golden Rooster left him scarred for life ?!?