Today in Media Files, the ABC's "exclusive" interview that isn't quite exclusive, and Gerard Henderson's howlers.

Exclusive watch. We love making fun of The Australian's obsession with "exclusives", especially when they're not, well, exclusive. But for the past week or so, it's been Aunty's generous definition of the term that's caught our eye. Tonight's Four Corners will feature an interview with former US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and the ABC's Sarah Ferguson. And some of the promos for "the interview" are calling it an exclusive. While it might be her only Australian interview, Clinton is far from difficult to nab an interview with at the moment -- she's on a book tour and has been on a global publicity blitz. She sat down with CNN's Anderson Cooper last month, and another with CNN last week, the BBC's Andrew Marr, NBC, PBSChannel 4 in the UKThe New Yorker, NPR, another "exclusive" with The Times in London last week.