Were you to cast someone in a Harvey Weinstein-produced movie about sexual predators, you’d almost certainly cast someone who looks like Harvey Weinstein -- an ogreish man-mountain, someone who tumbled into filmmaking through the business side -- whose bullying of employees and would-be stars alike has been a matter of public record for decades. Is that one reason why the Weinstein scandal is widening, growing, beyond all limits, swallowing up not only all of entertainment, but a large part of the news proper?

It’s worth asking why Weinstein-gate is becoming so transfixing. There is the fact that it’s happening in Hollywood of course, and so famous actresses are involved, there is the sleazy nature of Weinstein’s acts, which involve using sexual demands as a power over women, there is the substantial media access of the most-high profile victims, and there is, paradoxically, a voyeuristic thrill at hearing the stories of sexual shakedown, which is present underneath and with the public outrage at the acts themselves.