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Oct 13, 2017

Keane: the doomed quest for meaning in Twin Peaks

If there's meaning in Twin Peaks: The Return, it lies in the meaninglessness of existence, and how we can best cope with it.

I’m not gonna talk about Judy; in fact, we’re not gonna talk about Judy at all, we’re gonna keep her out of it.” 

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3 thoughts on “Keane: the doomed quest for meaning in Twin Peaks

  1. Xoanon

    It was an astonishingly good series, though often not easy to watch. As you say, there’s a dreamlike quality woven through it that ends up inhabiting the viewers’ dreams. For the two weeks after episode 8 with its atomic bomb back story, in particular, I found my thoughts returning to it over and over.

  2. andyg

    Not only heroic but a completely enlightening essay, Bernard! (Particularly love your summing up of the wonderful Episode 8–I didn’t think it was possible to describe this weirdness in words but I think you’ve gone as close as anybody could–and is–ever going to get .) Thanks for helping to deepen my already very deep appreciation of this amazing season.

  3. Brushtail Possum

    Yes, it was a great series, one that would have taken a long time to develop. I was vaguely aware there might be a cogent plot but thought it would be too difficult to figure out. In fact your explanation would take a few readings before I really understood that, let alone the series.

    “The most avant-garde hour of television ever broadcast” sounds appropriate. In comparison there is nothing much worth watching.

    Nice review!