Oct 12, 2017

Rundle: Howard and Abbott are delusional, self-indulgent, climate-denying throwbacks

When you imagine the level of rage that Tony Abbott must be living with, the "climate change is good" speech makes perfect sense.

Guy Rundle — Correspondent-at-large

Guy Rundle


Don’t the Australian denialist right just love the Global Warming Policy Forum, the venue for Tony Abbott’s now notorious “climate change is good” speech. The private body, spun off from UK “charity” the Global Warming Policy Foundation, after the latter nearly lost its tax-deduction status, was founded by former UK Tory chancellor Nigel Lawson, whose discredited book on climate change has become a black bible for the denialists. John Howard spoke to the GWPF four years ago, and it was there that he revealed that he’d been lying about his beliefs about climate change while in politics. The Rodent had announced “significant measures” on climate change, in 2007, as the election loomed. In 2013, he “recanted”:

“Mr Howard said his government proposed a carbon emissions trading scheme in 2006 in the face of a political ‘perfect storm’ on the issue.

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72 thoughts on “Rundle: Howard and Abbott are delusional, self-indulgent, climate-denying throwbacks

  1. lykurgus

    They don’t know how science works (scholars never sacrificed goats to prevent geological seepage), they don’t know how ANYTHING works – they don’t teach that in student politics! Nor do they understand that truth and falsehood are different (same reason). You’re talking about people who don’t understand that lower taxes equal less tax money.
    Liars can be dealt with by simply being outed – why do you think that never worked on the Rodent? Because this is something else…

    This is your parent shaking like a leaf at the thought of having to send an email… your uncle vigourously washing his hand because a Negro shook it… the NFL owners dread at realising that his slaves athletes have opinions… the Brexiteer getting all triggered that “kids today” aren’t suitably grateful to them for chasing “all these East Europeans” out… it’s Socrates railing about the evils of the written word (he did, people – Jesus, read a book!).

    Nobody likes hearing that they’re obsolete because they didn’t keep up.

    1. lykurgus

      Awaiting moderation? Really making Leyonhjelms job easier

  2. prlofe

    ‘They would rather see the planet burn than admit that the green/environmental movement was right’. That about sums them up.

  3. Stuart Coyle

    Thanks Guy. That was one hell of a good rant. I had always thought that Sir Les Patterson was Dame Edna in drag. I stand corrected (and I’d prefer Patterson as a PM).

  4. Bob the builder

    Yes, let’s just get out there and shout “that such people are just fucking liars.”

    All this ‘reasonable’ discussion assumes that your opponents are reasonable and just plays into their hands, sucking up oxygen and time in discussing the absurd as if it was tenable.

    On a side note, it’s fascinating how a generation or so the left was seen as rejecters of science and rationality and unable to accept the objective truth of science and progress. Same could be said of the courts.
    It’s only safe to remonstrate with everyone to respect the umpire when you know the umpire’s on your side!

  5. Joe Black

    But some well meaning lunatic tries to head butt Abbott and they’re the bad guy.

    1. leon knight

      He was no lunatic…who wouldn’t want to nut the cunt?

  6. John Hall

    Can’t they just have ‘faith’ in science? These men do not understand the religion they espouse – the abominable treatment of refugees, the wilful ignorance of science for political gain …. – take the lumps of coal Judas it will add to the ‘warmth’ in your final destination.

  7. Venise Alstergren

    Yes, Tony Abbott and John Howard are Lilliputian mongrels. With the former writhing in twisted hatred of the man who unhorsed him. However, the Australian public have had a gutfull of Turnbull’s obsequious deference to Abbott’s injured pride. Get off the wailing wall Malcolm, you look awfully silly sitting on it.

  8. Robert

    Thanks Guy
    Don’t you just want to nut the c..nts

  9. klewso

    To admit that their sworn ideological enemies were right on one thing, opens the door to the possibility that they were right on other things – like Iraq?

    1. Robert Garnett

      This kind of proves the point. WMD was the opiate for the masses. It was all about getting the Americans into Iraq in the form of large military bases and keeping them there.

      Only fools think that WMD had anything to do with the invasion. Th war wasn’t to achieve anything other than getting large numbers of US military into Iraq so they keep control of the Oil.

      If you want to control the oil and don’t want the Arab poor to get any of the profits then you need the military in the country.

      The US didn’t lose. They archived their aim of teaching Iraqis that the US owns their country and that they just have to get used to using the word Uncle no matter how much it hurts.

      Iran will be next, they just have to work out the details.

      Hopefully China will stand up for them, but I doubt it.

      We should all support Iran, whilst they haven’t been the greatest of countries they certainly haven’t killed as may people as the US and their junior partner the UK has

  10. Eve Sinton

    A most excellent piece of writing, well said! Thank you. Yes, let’s not be afraid to call them the fucking liars they are.

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